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Going Hypo, Bro!

Some advice from the nutrtion gurus out there please. When I use Surge after training and then eat a meal one to two hours later consisting of the proper carb/protein ratio as recomended I go into a bad hypoglycemic/insulin spike about 30 minutes after eating that meal. Literally I am stumbling around, slurring my speech, confused. I am not diabetic but have diabetes history in my family. My wife is a med lab tech and tests my blood glucose often. My fasting blood glucose averages 85.
This insulin spike ONLY happens after training,using post workout shake, AND eating a proper whole food meal. Any help with this or explanation possibilities would be appreciated because this freaks me out when it happens.Thanks T-Nation. Stay Strong.

That is the purpose of surge, to spike your insulin post workout. If is is causing you problems, either cut back the dose, or quit all together. You may also want to lower or dump the carbs in your meal.