Going from Once a Week to Twice a Week Injections

Should I do my normal shot on Monday then 1/2 shot on Friday. Or just start right away 1/2 shot Monday. Will it make much difference.

I know they will reach the same result in a month, but is better to go high t for a few weeks or low. I’m doing 200mg week with the AI in the shot.

Any other issues with 2 times a week I should worry about, especially since my AI will be twice a week as well.

Do you start to feel you need your dose prior to the end of the week? If so, take your half dose sooner.

I take 200mg once a week. In an attempt to experience the crash some of the frequent injectors here talk about, I skipped a couple of weeks. I felt fine into the second week, and by the end of the second week I felt OK, but could tell I skipped a dose. By the end of the third week, experiment over. If it’s me, I would wait the full week.

I’m only 10 weeks in but I do feel a crash when its coming time to dose again. That crash has gotten less with every passing week. I’ve heard with twice a week you don’t get the same feeling at the high but there is no drop either.

I get my first labs this week to see what my new levels are. So I’m not doing anything until after I get the numbers, incase there’s another issue causing this.

The reason you’re feeling the high is because you were low, but if levels are more steady things are more balanced. If you’re doing 200mg once weekly and you switch to 100mg twice weekly, your levels will be higher than they are now.

Cypinate has a half life of 8 days I think. Can you get steady state on once a week injections, if by day 7 you are almost 1/2 of the peak?

Would 100 twice a week be too much for trt levels?

It is fine for most guys.

Probably not, but the only way to find out is to give it a trial and see. Typically, someone taking 200mg once weekly will drop to 80mg per dose when moving to twice weekly, but plenty also do fine with 100mg.

Nobody said anything about a stable state, testosterone is injected and benefit is experienced. I’m going to be restarting TRT soon and will have pictures on my hands and arms both before and hours after the injection, you’re going to see my veins popping out of my skin in only a few hours.

I’m showing benefit very early on and just keeps getting better towards a stable state. My doctor says he’s seen this before in other patients who have very short triple CAG receptor repeat lengths.

Can you say more about this short triple CAG receptor repeat length thing? Curious to learn more.

Androgen Receptor Gene CAG Repeat Polymorphism Independently Influences Recovery of Male Sexual Function After Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Postsurgical Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism