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Going from Low to High Volume

For the past few months I have been training lower volume. 4 days a week, each body part once a week and mostly compound lifts, free weights only. However, I’m looking to switch it up and try a program that has much more volume. I want to hit each muscle group twice a week, I have looked over this site but can’t really seem to find the program I’m looking for. Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction.

I would use a high volume program to get more work volume. They tend to have much more volume than a lower volume workout.

if you use much more volume hitting a muscle twice a week might be too much… i’d rather do that with low volume because you cant overtrain as fast as with high volume

Why dont you do as i do and simply train your body in the way it responds best to rather than following progrmas that were designed with you not in mind!

For example… if you respond well to low reps and high volume, decide what low reps mean to you and high sets per bodypart means to you - and make the template.

Choose exercises that directly allow you to attack the areas that are weak or need building. Ones that are as individual and personal to you as possible.

Choose a split that allows you to train as many or little days a week as you like that gives you the frequency you desire.

For example:

Legs/Delts/Triceps and Back/Chest/Biceps

Back - 12x4-8
Chest - 104-8
Biceps - 8x5-9

Legs - 12x8-15
Delts - 10x4-8
Triceps - 8x5-9


Obviously this isnt perfect but is just to show you how easy it is if you think about it in this manner.

Or use GVT.


These articles might be helpful:



Thanks alot guys, really really appreciate it.