Going From High Reps to Singles?

 I have terminal brain cancer and last winter on chemo instead of losing weight i gained 65. I was 330 12%bf, then i was inactive all winter actually starting back to February of 2006 when i first got sick. But over the winter i really packed it on. 

So i got up to 395lbs and i was blessed by god to be able to start lifting again in May and i am down to 291 now, and after Halloween i am going to start The Singular workout and then others after that to put back on the mass, but i want a good routine to help me ease in to it, and still allow me to lose about another 5 lbs and tone up, but i have been doing a lot of high reps and cardio and i don’t just want to go from that to doing singles, so i would appreciate any help with something to ease in to it