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Going from 'Get Fit' to 'Get BIG'


Recently I have been training a friend of mine, who is 19, and has just started lifting. I train him 3x/week, and he is 2 weeks in and doing well.

What's my point? Well, I train him at his college gym, and watching the people there has given me the opportunity to reevaluate where I want to go with my body. See, I used to be really fat, then I lost a lot of weight. I have never been really lean, and for the longest time I just wanted to be lean with a decent amount of muscle.

I've put on a few solid pounds the past couple months doing the Built for Show program, but I planned on leaning out in time for summer. This decision was fueled by the desire to be slim, to be sexually attractive to women, and to be able to comfortably take my shirt off in public.

But this has changed. I want to be big. Fuck, I want people to see me and decide it best to not mess with me. I am almost addicted to pain and hard work in the gym, and I want to put that to my advantage.

I am anal about what I eat, and have lost all my cravings for unhealthy foods. My sleep has improved markedly since starting Z-12 2 days ago. I feel that I have the tools to get somewhere.

I look around me and see weakness. I want to be the polar opposite. I am starting to love this sport more than the pussy. I just feel like it's time to really take this to the next level.

Photos, measurements, scale every 2 weeks. Tracking and adjusting my intake until the weight starts to move. Starting swimming lessons in March for the conditioning effect, and to counter fat gain.

This halfheartedness with regards to putting on size has got to stop. It's now or never and I guess I have to let go of the fear of becoming a fat bastard again, and if I am hideous, so be it. I'm either going to go into it full-force, or fritter away my time getting slightly smaller, slightly bigger, and nothing remarkable to show for my efforts.

I'm thinking along the lines of not cutting until I reach 200. I'm 5'7 now, 167 pounds at around 16%. (need to take new measurements etc).


Good stuff, man. Best of luck to you.


You won't get fat. You will put on some fat but with enough muscle it doesn't look that bad. And pizza is good.


I'm a cunt hair under 200 lbs myself right now (from 160 lbs 1 year ago)and like hardgnr said because of the additional muscle gain that comes along with the fat it's not a huge deal. I think I might cut once I get to like 220.


If your big as fuck then every guy in the room will get the fuck out, hello ladies haha



Here is some motivation for you.

At your height, I'd aim for 230ish before you started to cut.

Go big or go home!


yea thats what would intimidate someone, an uncut 5'7 dude who weighs 230 lulz


Feels good man

Just keep bulking up making sure not to let your bf pass around 22%. Since bulking up to about 230 I've built up enough mass in the last 7 months to cut down to ripped 185 already so don't stop bulking until YOU feel you're too big.


WHOA!!! thats uncalled for! haha


Getting big is good, but don't get stupid while you're doing it.

Make sure the weight you add is working for you- My experience runs counter to those who say the fat gained on a bulk is not a big deal.

If you record your progress, you should be able to make intelligent tweaks to your plan as you progress.

Good luck.


Way to go dude!

Keep your mind on track and you will be successful.

You're right, the weights are more important now than the pussy.

I was and am in your shoes ; keep it up hommie :slightly_smiling:


That's the kinda shit I love to hear! Fuck all this looking like Brad Pitt shit!


Wasn' there an aticle where the guy said that even people that ate 1000 cals over their daily requirements and didn't even exercise gained wright of course, but that 35% of it was muscle?

Go for it.


Yes, that's my plan - recording progress and changes in measurements, body weight, etc. My problem recently has been not having a clear goal, and going from "wanna be big" to "wanna be slim" and back in 3.6 seconds. The thing is, I'm not a very patient person. I know that in a few months I can get rid of the fat and look fit, and that building more mass will take far longer. Now, I know that I said I'm "starting to love this sport more than the pussy" but I don't want to be hideous and make it harder to get laid, truth be told.

Right now the biggest immediate challenge I see is my lack of appetite. It takes a lot of determination for me to get down 3800 calories per day of clean food. I eat a lot of eggs, turkey, yogurt, fruits, peanut butter, cottage cheese, beans, etc. (Surge, pasta, tuna pwo) I'm thinking of getting some Metabolic Drive Complete.

I am considering doing some cardio (outside running - probably intervals) in the mornings to stimulate my appetite and keep fat gains in check. What do all y'all think of that idea?


Your fears about returning to your old ways and becoming fat again on a bulk are misplaced. Most people end up overweight by letting their emotions and cravings dictate what they eat. The average person doesn't have any idea of what they are putting into their bodies, or of how much food they are consuming. They eat through compulsion, not reason.

Your food choices should be geared towards gaining muscle, so to compare the diet of a bodybuilder to that of a couch potato is a bit pointless. Couch potatoes don't typically sit around gorging themselves on eggs, cheese, nuts, poultry, oats, fruit, veg etc. There is a very clear distinction between eating what you want to eat and what you need to eat

You need to think about how you became fat in the first place: it is either due to inactivity / lack of exercise, poor eating habits or a combination of both.

You will not be returning to your old ways by going on a bulk, because you are going to be training intensely and making deliberate food choices in order to put on muscle. Two things you didn't do before.

I can appreciate that people that have previously been overweight tend to shy away from a bulk after losing weight out of fear that they will 'be back to square one', but it shouldn't be a problem as long as you have a basic knowledge of diet and the basic processes of building muscle.

Just some 'food for thought' :slight_smile:


Yes, that's true. Now eating is more of a chore than anything. I could care less for crap foods. So I will have little problem eating what I need to succeed, from a discipline standpoint.

Today I was visiting my sister and my aunt was there. We haven't seen each other in two months. And the first thing she said to me was "you look bigger." She said my shoulders look wider and my arms look bigger. That was a real shot in the arm for me. Especially considering I started this thread last night.

Also, I had an epiphany today.. the mental picture I have been carrying around of what I want to look like is outdated. I've been thinking, since I was 19 and obese, that my ideal would be a slim and toned 150. But I realized that, for the first time in years, I paused to ask myself if that's still what I want to look like. I looked around the college gym I was in at a bunch of 19 year old guys who looked like that, and I tried to imagine myself looking like that - would I be happy? And the answer is no. So my ideal image has finally changed, and I am catching up to that now.

Yes, I am very analytical. Almost to a fault. Thankfully there's Z-12 to help turn the brain off later!

Tomorrow I am going to get my scale back from a friend. I'm going to take my stats and a few pics and measurements. I am wondering if I am just fat and fooling myself. Some pics, and some honest critique, should clarify that.


Thanks for that. I'm too ashamed to admit how long I stayed reading that thread.


Well, there is a huge difference between 'big and strong' and 'big and fat' and there are some great examples of 'big and strong' in that thread.

Don't get too hung up in body fat percentages. As far as I can tell, this will just hinder your progress.


glad you joined the club. best of luck


Meal Plan - Training Days

Calories: 3648
Protein 328, Fat 113, Carbs 356
Protein 35%, Fat 27%, Carbs 38%

8:00 AM <<
2 slices whole wheat bread
3 spoons natural peanut butter
6 jumbo egg whites
2 Dannon Light & Fit yogurts

11:00 AM <<
8oz grilled turkey burger

1:00 PM <<
8oz grilled turkey burger

3:00 PM <<
2 scoops Metabolic Drive protein powder

6:00 PWO <<
Surge - 2 servings

7:30 <<
3 servings Wacky Mac pasta spirals
12oz Pasta sauce
2 cans of tuna

Meal Plan - Off Days

Calories: 3181
Protein 247, Fat 144, Carbs 237
Protein 31%, Fat 41%, Carbs 28%

8:00 AM <<
2 slices whole wheat bread
3 spoons natural peanut butter
6 jumbo egg whites
2 Dannon Light & Fit yogurts

11:00 AM <<
2 scoops Metabolic Drive protein shake
0.5 lb grapes

1:00 PM <<
8oz grilled turkey burger
2 medium oranges

4:00 PM <<
8oz grilled turkey burger
2 medium oranges

7:00 PM <<
6 jumbo eggs with 4 out of 6 yolks

10:00 PM <<
1 cup low fat cottage cheese
2 spoons natural peanut butter