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Going from 90% TM to 85%


Sorry for the stupid question, but i’ve recently needed to adjust my TM as I am starting FSL 5x5 my next cycle and I would like to take Jim’s advice on changing from 90% to 85% TM’s. My question on this is, how do I calculate that exactly? For some reason my mind isn’t wrapping around it. EG:

My current deadlift TM: 360.

Would I take 360 x .85? That doesn’t seem right; Do I need to re-test my 1 or 3rm, then X .85 that number? Again, sorry for this stupid question. I have been with 5/3/1 for a year and a half, and have never actually had to recalculate this, I usually just 5 up 3 back.


Multiply your TM by 85/90


Can you get 5 reps at 360? more? Just calculate an estimated max and multiply it X .85. So lets say you can get 10 reps at 360…

360 x 10 x.0333 + 360 = estimated 1RM (479.88) round DOWN = 475

475 x .85 = 403.75 (round down, 400)

Now… Test. Can you get 5 reps @ 400? If so, that’s you’re training max. You don’t have to test, but since you don’t know what your training max should be, I suggest you find your 5RM and make that your training max.

This is a tad overthinking. I’ve used the same training max for a long time on the squat and don’t really use % for it. The 85% and 90% are guidelines, but meaningless once you understand the training max.

To recap… Just calculate your last PR set on deadlift that was below 10 reps (don’t calculate an estimated 1RM with more than 10 reps). Multiple that estimate by .85 and that will give you your 85% TM.


Thanks for the quick reply! Look forward to getting after it tomorrow.