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Going from 9% - 10% Down to 5% - 6%

Age: 32
Height: 5’11
Weight: 183

What’s up guys??

I realize I don’t have a lot of mass yet… and that’s fine… I’m looking to get as lean as I can for some photos… THEN continue on with carb cycling to gain mass…

I recently did a transformation challenge type thing… for myself… I went from 167 @ 12% to 183 today @ 8% - 10%… in 12 weeks… I used a Carb cycling for mass approach… slowly tweaking/adjusting things along the way… These are my current diet numbers:

High: 300/375/200 P/C/F - Calories - 4500
Med: 300/300/200 P/C/F - Calories - 4200
Low: 300/225/200 P/C/F - Calories - 3900

I have some before pics… and am going to do the after pics in 5 weeks… My goal (although it’s likely not the same as most peoples on here) is to get as shredded as I can in 5 weeks…

I don’t do ANY cardio at the moment… so I thought of 2 options:

A) Do the SAME type of diet… but bring the carbs and protein down 25gs each… (200 calories) so:

High: 275/350/200 P/C/F - Calories - 4300
Med: 275/275/200 P/C/F - Calories - 4000
Low: 275/200/200 P/C/F - Calories - 3700


B) Move from a cycling to gain mass… to a cycling to lose fat:

High: 300/310/80 P/C/F - Calories - 3160
Med: 300/250/80 P/C/F - Calories - 2920
Low: 300/200/80 P/C/F - Calories - 2720

I was going to just do 30 minutes of cardio after training, and go with option A… as option B looks a little too extreme… and I don’t want to lose any muscle…

6 days prior… I’m gunna try the ‘Shredded in 6 days’ idea… http://tinyurl.com/b828s3


When I was carb cycling, I found it greatly helpful to have “control” days.

These were days with as LITTLE carbs as possible (20-40g) on 1 day that I didn’t work out.

That allowed me to have higher carbs on the rest of the week while keeping fat gain in check.

I also like the bodyweight circuit stuff (tabata and the new stuff on vdiet3.0) to do in the morning first thing.

Good luck getting hawt abz :wink:

[quote]B rocK wrote:
Good luck getting hawt abz ;)[/quote]

Thanks… smart ass… lol

I’ll check out tabata and the other things mentioned… :slight_smile:

“the get shredded” diet says it typically results in about 1% drop in bf per week. Given you want to drop 5% in 5 weeks, it sounds pretty good for you.

Its also gonna be a huge hit in calories compared to what you’re laying out here. Do the math- you’ll probably need a caloric defecit of at least 1000/day to lose 5% in 5 weeks. But then again, you’ve been carb cycling and know how your body works.

I’ll go check it out… thanks…

Hmmm… sounds VERY interesting… and not too too complicated… I might just start this!

Thanks for the link… I didn’t realize it was designed for someone that was/is already fairly lean…

I guess I’m just worried about muscle loss… I’ll jump on it… and perhaps to more frequent re-feeds… if necessary.

I dunno though man… 1800 calories a day is LOW… maybe 2K might be better…

I’ll try it as written… and see…

Anyone else have experience with this diet??

If you were able to gain 18 lbs of muscle in 12 weeks while losing 2 lbs of fat, why in God’s name would you change things up? Those results are borderline unbelievable.

Good point RMorrison… In fairness… I was pretty undertrained, and eating like a bird prior to this endeavor…

I suppose I just want to look my best, and get as lean I can…

I think you’re right though, and I’m going about this too aggressively… I appreciate the reality check…

I think I might just eat the way I’ve been eating, and perhaps just add in cardio, then do the ‘get shredded in 6 days’ routine for the last week…

Once the pics are done… I’ll post them up… :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! :smiley: