Going From 30% to 15% BF, Calories?

I am around 30% bf, maybe slight lower. I was wondering if I basically clean my diet up with cleaners foods and follow the 7 healthy habits, can I reach 15% bf? I use to think I ate around 2000 somthing calories a day that was junk, I ate a bananna for breakfast, then a school lunch, dinner and thats it.

I then realized I probably be closer to 3000 cals from the crap I snacked on, pizza, chips, all that. If I cut all this out, just eat cleaners and stick to non caloric drinks can I lower my bf % even if I keep calories the same? I’m trying to get down to 15%.

I have tried a low carb diet but didnt have much energy for workouts and basically didnt have good workouts. So is it possable to cut down to 15% bf from 30% bf eating basically the same amount of calories but with cleaners foods?

I will also throw in cardio, eat breakfast and avoid carbs at night, that was one of my problems.

Also, I’ve been working out for a year and a half so no more noob gains.

Count your calories. Know how much, exactly, you’re taking in at any given meal. Know how much, exactly, you’re supposed to be taking in at any given meal, and eat that much.

Start with 2500 a day, eat 3000 (I have no idea what your current body comp really is so i’m guessing here) on workout days (extra calories from post/pre workout drinks) Avoid junk food. Don’t drink drinks with calories in them (with exception of post/pre workout shakes). Monitor fat loss however you wish: calipers, the mirror, your weight. If you aren’t losing, eat less or do cardio. :slight_smile:

Avoid carbs except right before and after your workout, and breakfast.

Thanks, so this could work to get my bf % down to 15 in a few months?

It can get you to lower your bf. How many months will depend on the effort you put to this task.

Going from 30% to 15% is a big jump. More that 2% a month is probably too fast and you will lose too much muscle and put yourself into yoyo mode. Make sure you train hard while you diet. Cardio doesn’t count. It has to be heavy weights to build and retain muscle.