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Going from 3.5 to EOD

I’m going to be going from an E3D to EOD protocol and wondering, what I should aim for TT ng/dL?
I know it’s all by how I feel and not really by numbers, but I will not have a “peak” level anymore so I’m wondering if it should be around 700ng/dL or closer to maybe 900ng/dl
If your on EOD what’s your TT ng/dL?

I still want to avoid giving blood and AI so I know that only takes time and BW to figure out. But I’m curious what everyone on an EOD schedule is hovering at.
Not so much your daily dose, that topic has been beaten to death…

That question is extremely subjective. It all depends on you.

Do you have issues with RBC/HGB at 700? Do you have e2 issues at that number? How do YOU feel at 700?

You have guys on here that are cool with their numbers in the 500-600 and then you have some that insist that it has to be in the upper percentiles like 800-1000.

See what i’m getting at?

What is your protocol/numbers like right now?

I don’t have e2 or hemo issues yet. Currently at 140mg split E3D. Trough is mid 800’s been on for about a year, I feel I might have room to improve but I also know with more T is more sides to control.
I am thinking about going subq at the same time. Currently IM with 27g 1.25 pretty much all over rotating sites. The resin for changing is I might feel better keeping a more stable level, my SHBG is in the low 20’s, I metabolize quick. I can go 1x/wk with 140mg and my trough is 130ng/dL last time I tested.
I’ve never tested peak because I don’t really care what that number is, but I would be curious how much I drop with my current E3D protocol.

I also want to add that you don’t want your blood too thick with high TT, if you can settle for 600-700 TT and not have your blood too thick that would be better than 900 TT with high HCT.

You drop about 100 TT a day. (again this is subjective to each person)

So if you went to every other day , you would probably be around 900-1100 TT. With minimal fluctuations because you are doing EOD.

You could try it, and if you have issues, you know that you could always go back to every 3.5 (no issues with this protocol now like you said)

I did the math wrong on my previous post so deleted. 140/7*2=40

For what its worth from steroidcalc dot com:

Thanks guys, I think I’m gonna start EOD subq 29g .5 on Monday

TT in 900-1000 can work very well as long as FT is near top of range or higher. SHBG is the major concern and E2 drives SHBG in most buys, but a few have unexplained high or low SHBG.

I was around 850 on 100mg/T per week, adding 250iu hCG EOD took me to ~925. One’s testes are then the variable and age does have its effects.

How you feel is then mostly determined by E2 levels and you need to seek near E2=22pgml - 80 pmol/L with anastrozole as needed.

Younger healthy guys can do very well with above TT range. But with aging, older guys can easily need more to hold there own, and this is compensation for an aging brain.

Energy and libido are markers of good male health. Thyroid and adrenals need to be in good working order.

Thanks ks, I’ve been low, or feeling low for around 5 years… I’m 37 now. Baseline levels were around 280-307 between 2 tests. Currently by Efeels best between 17-20… when I start going above 25 I loose all libido and previous injuries start bothering me again. (Broken AC in shoulder and fracture ankle from years ago) I also know Shawn I crash my E I have the same symptoms but including more joint pain. Too high and too low of E are very similar sides for me. In the beginning on 1x/wk injections I had to take Adex for E.

Once I start EOD I’ll check FT with my TT