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Going from 163 to 170 till Dec 2013

Hey everyone, this is my training log.

I am 5’11", 163lbs and i am a hardgainer. I think i have relatively low body fat and its hard for me to take on weight. I am training since one year, first three month i did a whole body workout, the rest i did a 3 split, i trained three times a week and gained around 10 lbs last year. I looked skinny when i started, now i am okay. I am not in a rush to get big, if i get 5-10lbs every year for the next years, i am happy.

My goal is:

to get to 170lbs while not significantly increasing my body fat with creating healthy eating habits and hard training

Here is my plan: (i always do one warm up set with 15 reps)

Monday (Breast/Shoulders/Biceps)

  1. bench press (3*6-8)
  2. incline bench press (3*6-8)
  3. chest press (3*6-8) -> till muscle malfunction
  4. (side) lateral raise (3*6-8)
  5. overhead lifting (3*6-8) -> till muscle malfunction
  6. barbell curls (3*6-8) -> till muscle malfunction

Wednesday (Legs)

  1. hackenschmidt (3*8)
  2. leg press (3*8)
  3. leg curl (3*8) -> till muscle malfunction
  4. leg extension (3*8) -> till muscle malfunction

Friday (Back/Triceps)

  1. chins (3*10)
  2. seated cable rows (3*8)
  3. cable straight back incline row (3*8) -> till muscle malfunction
  4. dips (3*10)
  5. pushdowns (3*8) -> till muscle malfunction