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Going for the Lean Look


I am 5'10" 160 lbs and I definitely have a hard time gaining weight. I am mostly going for the lean look (think Abercrombie or Calvin Klein). Am I on the right track? What needs to be improved? Again I'm not looking for huge size, just good ratios and lean muscle. Thanks.




From what I see you've got a low body fat which makes you look like you've got more muscle than the average kid, but taking a close look at your tris and overall back thickness and width you have very little muscle...even for a calvin klein model. Luckily it seems you've been blessed with a decent base shape, so stick to the compound movements, eat and you should have no problem with your goals.

O and work on those legs. from what I see you have small legs and i'm assuming if you had good calves you'd be showing them off.


You need work on improving your ability at finding websites to post pics and ask for advice.

T-Nation has a very nice sister site you might consider though...

Seriously, there are many great dieting article here. Check out the beginners and nutrition sections. John Berardi is the resident expert in the field, you could also search for articles by him.

BTW, IF you decide you want to gain some muscle and strength, THEN we can certainly help you out. 8^)


I'll pass on commenting your..phisique but you look like a shoulder injury waiting to happen. I'll say that much.

Basically, the severe internal rotation on your shoulders causing your arms to rest the way they do means that your chest and anterior delts are overdominant over your back.

If you want to test this, do the pencil test. Hold a pencil in each hand like a dumbell and relax your arms to let them hang naturally. If the pencils point straight forward, you're good. If they point at each other, that's bad.
To fix this, start really focusing on compound movements for your back. Rows, Pullups, Deadlifts, you know the deal.


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Thank you JMajor for some good pointers.

Again guys I am not nearly as big as 90% of the men on this site but I am not attempting to be so please dont judge me based on how big each muscle is. I am aware I am not that big haha


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I think you need to get our of your mind that gaining some muscle mass is going to turn you into a Mr.O freak.


more upper back, lateral delts, and external rotator, posture will make you look bigger immediately


Yes, good point, I noticed it too.

Fix your posture bro, 2 pull exercises for each push, and start stretching out those pecs and anterior delts.


Just focus on lifting hard and doing the big lifts

military press
pull ups

Full body workout 3x per week. 1 day on 2 days off and so on.

Increase your lean meat intake. Big breakfast in the morning....Watch carbs after lunchtime.

Good luck.


Eat clean...lift hard using compound movements...and whatever you do, make absolutely certain that you keep posting pics of your girl's hot ass on this site!!!!


barbell row would be a fantastic addition as well.


I love how as soon as the Training Mistakes article comes out alluva sudden everyone can see internal rotation and knows just how to fix it.


Then what should be judged?

Congradulations! You have a full skeletal system! You aren't somehow missing any bones!

You deserve a 10 for that.


Haha, exactly what I was thinking...
I take a lot of this type of advice for what it is. And in this case i'd have to say the author was informing/reminding guys that chest day isn't the most important day. Row as intense as you press.


taking rating on this site as encouragement, nobody gets 9's unless you look like your ready for bodybuilding stage. You look better then most people, and I'm sure you know that. Yet you also know you need improvement, so take the advice of the people here and use the low rating as encouragement to bust your ass =].


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