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Going for My First Bulking Phase


in a couple months im about to try and do a bulk phase for the first time ever and just had some questions.

im 6'2 174lbs right now and hopfully i can get to 210.

my question was, how many calories, fats, and protien should i try and get in me when bulking?
also, right now i do cardio 4-5 times a week. When i bulk should i do NO cardio or just limit it to like once or twice a week?


how many calories, fats, and protein you need is highly individual.

as far as cardio goes...if you already have trouble gaining weight because you can't eat enough, lay off of it. if you're piling on too much fat in the middle of your bulk, maybe try adding in cardio.


If you're worried about gaining fat while "bulking" look into the Anabolic Diet or some sort of carb cycling approach. Don't go at it without a plan or you will just put on fat.