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Going for Gains Here. Test Cyp, Dbol


Age 26, weight 190, bf 11% , height 5 11, Metallica & slayer rah

2nd cycle

Dbol 1-5 weeks@ 30mg
Test cyp 1-14 weeks @ 500mg
On hand arimidex & hcg
Pct clomid and nolva.

Don't need to much advice on the cycle except for the fact that I have an odd bottle of prop and I want to go ahead and use it . I know my cyp will take about four weeks to kick in.. So let's go Ahead and shoot the one bottle of prop now with the dbol ?


how are you dosing the adex, and what, specifically, is your pct? These are more important questions than what you’re asking. The fact that you plan to use clomid AND nolva together shows you’re in for trouble. Bad idea.


It may be a good idea to run the adex @ .5mg/eod along side the test and dbol the entire cycle unless you are not prone to high estrogen levels. It is better to prevent the raise of estrogen than to have an itchy nipple and find yourself scarfing down some nolva to fix the problem.


More PCT thoughts here: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_gear/the_pct_serm_dosing_in_this_forum_is_wrong


Hey guys I would love some advice on this cycle since I’ve never combined these together in a cycle before.

Just ordered test cyp, dinabol, anavar, clomid, nolvadex and HCG. This is what my cycle will look like please any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated.

15 week cycle
500mg week test cyp
Dbol for the first 4-6 weeks to kick it off @ 50mg a day.
I will then start anavar @ 50mg a day 32 days before I complete my cycle.

Pct will start 3 weeks after last injection with HCG and clomid
150mg week 1
100mg week 2
50mg week w
As well as HCG added at week 1 of pct

What do you guys think of this?

I am
16% bf
And eating about 4000 calories a day.


I think you need to learn to eat and train properly. Considering you’ve run a cycle before, these are piss poor stats.

And you’re not eating 4000 calories per day.