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going for broke

seeing how poor i am was wondering if doing a mag-10 cycle at 1/2 dose a day would be better than doing none at all. anyone?

It’s questionable as to how results of 4 weeks at 1/2 dose per day (or better, two 2 week cycles with at least two weeks inbetween) would compare to one 2 week cycle at one dose per day. It’s possible results would be less and I really doubt they would be more.

At the higher end of a dose range of steroids, yes, reducing dose but going longer for the same total amount of steroid does give more results. But if the reduction goes too low, that isn’t so. A half dose of MAG-10 isn’t getting so low as to obviously be the case that results would be less, but would be low enough that it’s probably a tossup as to whether 4 weeks total at 1/2 dose per day would be slightly better or slightly inferior to one dose per day for 2 weeks.