Going for a 1 RM

How does one go about getting a 1RM? Do you start with a weight above your 5 RM and add weight on till you fail? Or do you pick the weight you want to hit, if you miss it go down?

I’ve got till 12/22 to get ready to hit 405 on squat and deadlift and 260 on bench with a 5 RM of 340 squat/dead and 215 bench.

Are you trying to test yourself to see what your current 1RM is?

Well, with the 5RM’s you listed, you should be in the ballpark of a 385 sq/dl and 245 bench. So I would start by working up and trying to hit those numbers first, since it sounds like you don’t know what your 1RM is.

Do 3 reps with your 5 rep max, do 1 rep with your 3 rep max, and then hit a single at whatever you see fit, beware thought if you never do singles your 1rm may be close to your 5RM… I know when i deadlifted 405lb the first time my 5rm was 315lb…

When i used to deadlift 405lb i would do the following:

135lbx5, 225lbx5, 275x3, 315lbx3, 365x1, 385x1 and 405lbx1

Now my warm up goes like this:

??%x1 (big pr)