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Going for 250+ Pounds


Hey guys the 250+ pounds goal is a long term goal. I started a bulk at 5'8 165 pounds 9% bodyfat exactly 41 days ago. Currently I weigh 180 lbs. at 11% bodyfat. My short term goal is to get to 200 pounds 4 months from now (hopefully less) with a long term goal of 250+ pounds at around ~24 years of age (yet again hopefully less).

Currently my diet consists 4,000 calories and 200 grams of protein a day ( I peaked at 4,500 calories a while ago but decided to deload a little to slow my metabolism down and give myself a break before my next peak of 5000 calories). I pm'ed prof x some questions about his calorie intake today and he said when he is on "an all out bulk" he takes in around 7,000 calories a day which is what I'm willing to do if thats what it takes.

My stats are 25.75 in legs, 16 in arms, 43 in chest just in case you were wondering.

So here are my questions...

1.Do you think I should slowly increase my calorie intake to 7,000 calories over time or should I take time between bulks to lower my calorie intake and to slow my metabolism down and lose fat in order to prepare for my next bulk?

  1. What carb to fat ratio would give me the fastest weight/muscle gains? (Im not worried about gaining fat but instead looking at the long term goal and getting there as quick as possible) Currently my fat to carb ratio is 50/50.

  2. How would I go about getting my calorie intake up over time as I get closer and closer to 7,000 calories? Would I eat clean or would I do the best I can to get the calories in? A large pizza a day would be like 4,200 calories plus a gallon of whole milk would be like 2,500 calories. (4,200+2,500=6,700)Or would I eat cleaner and eat a higher volume of food and allow my stomach to expand.

  3. What do you guys think of my protein intake? I've been focusing mainly on carbs and fats lately with the reasoning that I have a high metabolism and thus I should focus on those two nutrients the most in order to allow me to gain muscle/ weight.

  4. What are some other foods I can try that are nutrient dense and will help me pack the weight on in case I decide to eat dirtier?

  5. Lastly, for you big guys that have achieved my long term goal or are in pursuit of it like me, give me your best advice and things that you have learned that have helped you with your goal pertaining to your diet.



O and also what do you think about my body measurements? Are they in good proportion?


1) I seriously doubt you will be able to handle or even eat 7000 cals at this point and I would not advise you to go that high anytime soon. Prof X is much larger and has much more muscle so he actually will have need of 7k to gain more, you will just get fat. Up the cals slowly and just judge your progress by what you see/feel

2) Depends on your body type, but if you are looking to add the most size possible I would have roughly 2x as many carbs as fats. It's not really a good idea to have both high fat and carbs, so pick one.

3) A very simple solution to getting your calories up is having several whey protein shakes mixed with several tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Tons of calories from all good fats.

4) Terrible idea, protein is the most important. Keep your protein at 1.5g-2g per lb of bodyweight, not focusing on protein is a sure fire way to look like shit real quick.

5) I just prefer natty PB and EVOO. I have 4-5 shakes during the day as well as 4 whole meals which I find to be very effective.

6) I'm not a fan of dirty bulking, been there done that. Try to keep the pizzas/gallons of whole milk to an occasional thing, not everyday. The most important thing is diet, always remember that. Focus on your protein intake first and foremost then go from there.


At your height (5'8), the only way you will reach 250 lbs is one of the following:

1-Make sure your training is totally in order, and you are eating a decent amount of food (probably 4000 - 5000 cals a day)... and then start using a ton of AAS

2-Start eating every meal at a fast food joint in an attempt to get 7000 calories, and you will become a huge fat ass weighing 250 lbs.

I know other people will chime in with their opinions, but I really think that 250 on someone your height will be an ugly ugly thing.

Best of luck though -lol



Ok thanks for the reply waylander. I will slowly up my calorie intake and I'll see how I'll react by watching my body weight and keeping a close eye on my body fat caliper. As far as which nutrient to focus on I will pick carbs over fat since I tend to grow muscle faster on the high carb diet and the fact that I don't gain fat easily. I will also go to the store and pick up some olive oil and start drinking protein shakes again ( I haven't had a protein shake in a long time).


I would seriously consider Stu's advice as well unless you planning on taking. I would set a goal for 220 and then assess from there whether to keep going or to get rid of some body fat. That is a 40 lb gain already.


I kinda agree with your second to last sentence, but that's just a guesstimation (wtf do I know about these things.) Not to hijack bking's thread, but it poses a question:

What would his ideal max size/weight would be, for someone that is 5'8"? Or for someone like me (5'6" currently at 170lbs)? By "ideal max size" I mean something that can be achieved naturally, with hard, intelligent work and sound nutrition and that, at least does not make one a fucking ugly fatstruocity?


Yeah and you know, your exactly right :frowning: If I choose to go the natural route I expect myself to be 250 at the END of the bulk at around 23% bf and cutting down to around 225 then I'll work from there. If I choose to get bigger I'll use steroids but thats for another day but I'd rather have a good foundation to start with before using them.


I hear that Dexter Jackson's off season weight is 250 and 235 contest and he's 5'6 and HUGE!!!


I don't want to come across as an ass, or hijack your thread talking about myself, but my heaviest weight at the same height was 220lbs, and while I wasn't 'fat', I certainly didn't look like a 'bodybuilder' either (I was just a 'big dude'). Still, having slowly reached 220 allowed me to cut back a bit and be relatively lean at 205, which is probably a very feasible plan for you to adopt.



Yeah thats what I'm going to do. When I reach my goal of 200 4 months from now I'm going to do an analysis of my progress and go from there.


What was your body measurements and body fat readings at 220 and 205?


Wow, maybe you should play the lottery, if you know you'll be around 23% BF

5'8 250 is fuckin huge


Yeah and you know, your exactly right :frowning: If I choose to go the natural route I expect myself to be 250 at the END of the bulk at around 23% bf and cutting down to around 225 then I'll work from there. If I choose to get bigger I'll use steroids but thats for another day but I'd rather have a good foundation to start with before using them.

Wow, maybe you should play the lottery, if you know you'll be around 23% BF

5'8 250 is fuckin huge[/quote]

Lol im just guessing lol.

As far the 250 pounds goes I was reading one of Dante's articles on nutrition and that shit got me pumped. The reason I want to ramp my calories up so quickly is I want to get big NOW!!! Its just my personality, its not a bad thing but IT IS obsessive. What I'm thinking is if get my weight to 250 arnd 23% to 25% I can get myself to a lean 225 and that would be the fastest strategy to get there.


Like as others have said, just because Prof X may have needed 7,000 calories to get his size doesn't mean you'll need the same. Everyone's different. I'm gaining 2-4 lbs a month on 4000-4500 calories and I'm 6ft 233 lbs and relatively active outside of weightlifting. You're planning things too far in advance with this 7,000 calorie, 23% bf at 250 train of thought. Get to 200 first, assess your progress and then think about 220. Do the same once (if ever) you get to 220.

I'm currently trying to bulk up to 250 as well. I was 190 last October. My original plan was get to 220 and be a ripped 200 by summer 09. Guess what? I got to 220 and found I wasn't big enough but was still happy with my level of bodyfat. So I had to adjust my game plan. Get to 250 and be bigger and leaner than I previously was at 220. So my advice to you is don't get too far ahead of yourself. Have some short term goals as waypoints on the way to your long term goal. And keep reassessing your progress. It's waste of time to try and predict every detail of how your going to reach your end goal.


Honestly, I would just aim for ~10-15 lbs or so of quality mass a year. Usually when people try to take it too quick they just get super fat, then have no idea how to diet down correctly and lose whatever mass they may have had in the process.


Seriously, you misunderstood what was written because I doubt there has been an extended period of time where I maintained a diet of over 7,0000, and even if I did, I don't count calories.

I wrote you this in response to your question after telling you how much more I weigh than you....

NONE of this was a recommendation to eat 7,000 calories and that number is in QUOTES for a reason.


Almost 6 weeks ago I was 165 9% bodyfat and now Im 180 11% bodyfat. Currently I'm taking in 4,000-4,500 calories gaining around 6-7 pounds a month so my calorie intake is good I think. I'll keep my short term goal of 200 in 4 months and see where I'm at after. But your right tho I might end up being pleased with a lean 200 pounds (which I highly doubt but we'll see). I do want to compete in an NPC event tho.


Why pick pointless numbers out of the air as a long term goal when you have no idea how you body will handle the weight or what you will look like.

Why not make your long term goal to be as big as possible, and make sensible short term goals year to year.


I'll just watch the scale and fat caliper and allow that to be the judge. I will eat as many calories as I can while trying to keep body fat gain to a minimum and at the moment I'm not gaining much fat so I'll keep the calories around 4,000 to 4,500 and adjust accordingly if need be.