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Going for 200 Pounds!

i have been lifting since 6th grade and just started bodybuilding 2 years ago. did first competition on june 14th (oregon state championships) and took first in mens junior class. after show i got a lil cocky and started slacking off yea i know bad idea. started cutting ends at the gym and then slowed down on eating and dropped down to 175 pounds from 190 and i was a bit flabby.

now im back at the quest to getting huge reaching for the goal of 200. and im not talking no fat 200 i want to beable to still see my abs a lil bit.but to get to the point i would like some critiquing on my meal plan and my training…
so here it goes… ill start of with how i eat.

meal one: 40g protein shake and a fast carb… oat meal cookie and some orange juice.just to get my body out of a catabolic phase as quick as possible.
meal two: 4 whole eggs along with a bowl of oatmeal around a cup and a half eyeballed and a glass of milk.
meal three: chicken breast with 2 peices of toast
meal four: 40g protein shake and some orange juice.
meal five: 40g protein shake and a cookie or some orange juice.
meal six: chicken breast and a can of black beans.
meal seven: random to be honest depends on if girlfriend wants to go out to eat or make something. but always get at least 40g’s of protein and good amount of fats and carbs…
meal eight: protien shake before i go to bed mixed with some sort of carb toast most of the time… but have been considering some oatmeal since it will be slower digested at night.

supplemental plan:
meal one: flax oil 4g
meal four: flax oil 3g
preworkout: krealkalyn sometimes i will steal some superpump from friend…
meal six: flax oil 3g
meal eight:flax oil 4g

now onto training:

monday:chest, tris, shoulders.
chest: benchpress x 3 working sets
incline x 3 working sets
crossovers x 3 working sets
pullovers to expand rib cage 3 sets

tris: weighted bench dips 4 working sets
single arm push downs 3 sets
rope pulldowns 3 sets

shoulders: military press 3 working sets
behind neck press on smith machine 3 working sets
arnold press 3 working sets supersetted with lateral rises.

tuesday:back, bis, traps
back:barbell rows 3 working sets
lat pullwdowns 3 sets
db rows or straight arm pulldowns 3 sets

bis:preacher curls 3 working sets
alt. curls 3 sets
ezcurl bar 3 sets
started using single arm machine curls really like them alot i feel a good pump out of it…but havent thrown them directly in the plan yet

traps: shrugs 5 working sets followed by drop sets 4, 3, 2 plates

wednesday:legs,lowerback, calves
legs:squats 3 working sets
leg press 3 to 4 working sets
leg ext super set with leg curls

lowerback:deadlifts 3 working sets

calves:sitting calf rises 4 sets for all
machine standing/sitting calf raises confusing i know its a machine at the gym they have its pretty sweet
donkey calf raises
thurs- sat repeat then sunday off or ill train weak parts like bis

rep range for all upper body around 10-12 or 6-8 range it up every 3 to 4 weeks then on lower body i train with 14 to 16 reps… i heard your legs can take more reps to build. correct me if im wrong but at the same time i feel 16 reps is a good range… i get a good burn going.
i dont always do deadlifts on leg days but i try to get them in once a week.
current weight 195 want to get to 200 and stay at same bodyfat. and once i get to 200 i want to try a cycle of sust and eq or winny.

dang 30 views and no help??? come on someone needs to critque me…

well thanks for the help… lol i guess i had a pretty sound plan and im at 200 now… well 220 here i come…

I’m not a bodybuilder, but your diet looks pretty sound. Do you know how much you need to eat to maintain or even gain. I found out by not doing nothing for a week, track my meals to the “T”. As it turned out, I didn’t gain 1 pound and my BMR end up being around 3500 cal. So for me, plus my activity I can put down about 4000-4200 and still be in a caloric deficit which I am trying to do now; gotta lose the love handles. The BMR calculators online were about 400 cals off; not bad.

As far as your workout goes all I can say is it is hard to put on weight and remain super lean and shredded. I talk to this bodybuilder at my gym who competes at 160 and he stays in the relm of 170-180 at most so that he can pack on muscle. Right now he still looks good for being almost 15-20 pounds over his contest weight. He says it boils down to what you are comfortable at and how hard it may be to cut up.

Bulk, as you know, comes from eating and intensity in the weight room. For me, intensity is training in the 80%+ range on all basic exercises and cycle the weight from 80-105% then back down to prevent over training.

Have you considered hittin each body part twice per week? Split the volume between two workouts per workout? Overall, it looks like you have a good plan, but I think you may get a better response on the bodybuilding thread.

Good luck on obtaining your goal. Hit it hard!!!

Oh, did you ask the judges if you need any areas for improvement in order to move on to compete at the next level? My friend says that although he dominates is weight class and wins first place, he needs to work on his calves and quads if he hopes to be competitive for his pro card.

yea i do train everybodypart twice a week as of meal plan i know i am getting decent calories cause i am still gaining i checked my bmr and then went 500 over for bulking. i just started training twice a week though and found that yea you def. need to cycle your work load. for awhile i was jus going all out everyday.

i found my body getting very sore very quickly. so my last work outs i kicked it down a notch and came back to it and def found that i had better intensity when i used a mod. day. i dont believe in light days. gtfo of the gym if your going to use light weights lol. that said my strength is going up and so is the intensity(dropping rest periods down from 1.5mins to 30 to 60 secs).

i pounded out 385 16 times on squat for the first time ever and it felt amazing. well besides wanting to puke for the rest of the day. well thanks for offering the advice… much appreciated… everything helps

On the squat thats damn good. I don’t have the endurance for that. I Powerlift so if I tried that many reps, my legs would probably give out.

Good luck on the bulking and keeping the lean body mass. I sure don’t have that discipline; my kids have too many good snacks that I just can’t say no too.

Keep killing the weights!!!

I forgot to ask, 14g of flax seed? Have you found that has helped you cut body fat? I need all the help I can get to lose the love handles. right now I’m at 275 and I just got calipered from my AFB sports excercise physiologist or whatever his title; 22%. Any advise on amount of flax seed or Omega-3 I should take per day to help speed the process. Also, do you use fat burners when you do cardio and has it helped you?

i try to keep all my fats healthy. i dont nessicarily use it to cut but it can help. but yes they can help if that is your goal.if you are trying to cut fat though try ephedrine its good stuff. jus dont over do it stick to the recommended doses cause it is some potent stuff and can hurt u if u over dose like anything else…