Going Downtown

This message is more towards the T-Vixens. Do any of you feel vulenrable when your man (or woman if your into that) goes down on you. I love going downtown for all kinds of reasons, however, my wife does not seem to like it, she enjoys it when she lets it happen, but that is the exception rather than the rule. Also, from past partners, I know I have the right technique. So, the point is how do I get my partner more comfortable with felicial or do I give up and move on to other types of foreplay?

im not a t-vixen, but i have been with girls that would actually not let me get my head between their thighs. they said that from past experience, they really dont find oral stimulating to them, and that they would rather just go straight to the sex. i later found out the real reason she didnt like to receive oral…she says that she would be embarrassed if she had any scent or anything down there and perferred that we just skip to sex. i had to assure her that i love to go down on her, and i love everything from the smell to the taste, and after enough reassuring she loosened up and started to enjoy it. so maybe its time you really talk to your wife about it, might as well give it a try, nothing to lose.

women (and perhaps men, but i don’t know cause i’m not one) are very conditioned that ‘down there’ is dirty. she may feel that it’s gross or bad or just feel ‘ugly’ about it. she may be worried about smell or taste or any of a million things. make sure she knows that you really WANT to do it, not only for her pleasure but for yours too. don’t get pushy, make sure you listen to her insecurities about it. if she likes it when you do it then you have a good start.

I appreciate the advice, I think part might be the overall condtioning that its dirty or wrong, typical male I look for the deep dark hidden reasons. I will try talking to her about it again, any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Responding to help you Testosterone filled animals. As a vixen I will try to help as much as I can. First things first, you always have to communicate with each other about what’s going on. What she doesn’t like about a man eating her out or how it makes her feel, etc…
Always remember your rules, foreplay, teasing, sexual instincts. blahh blah blah… Now, Get her to want you so bad she doesn’t care a flying "- - - - " about what you’re about to do to her. Find her spot that makes her body convulse. Then tease her, make her start to come after you! Tell her she is so beautiful and you want to taste her like she gets to do to you. Start by just touching her down there all over, especially touching her clit. (lube a little if she is not wet at this point ) Then slide your fingers in and start bringing your head down there. Then lick her like candy. Play with your fingers still inside here , intensity with both doings is amazing… hope this somewhat helped out …

It worked, I have a boner chuckle

Once I was convinced that guys thought “it” was intruiging, beautiful and tastes good, and not just doing it cause they thought it was “nasty” I was fine with it.I also find it very enjoyable :slight_smile:

I must say that I find cunnilingus quite enjoyable. In fact, I enjoy it so much that I have spent a considerable amount of time down below and could care less if I had sexual intercourse afterward. Of course, the intercourse is the icing on the cake, but nothing beats eating pussy. M’m M’m good! Ooops, I gotta go guys, I need to satisfy my craving!