Going down........

Just curious how many of you guys LIKE going down on girls. My girlfriend says she loves it, but she all of a sudden won’t let me do it anymore because she thinks its gross? She says that if she were a guy she wouldn’t want to do it. I don’t mind doing it though, and actually kinda like it. Is she wrong or am i just a freak?

I love it! She’s weird, all girls love that. Find another girl.

I’m all about “eating out.” In fact, I don’t mind just “going down” and not getting anything in return. I can go down on a woman for hours and have a great time! And I’d rather give than receive. Maybe I’m just weird like that.

The only reason a woman may not like a guy going down on her is if: 1) She is afraid of having an odor problem. 2) She's on her period (I will not go down during that time of the month! I don't plan on earning my red wings!!). 3) If she is worried about how she looks down there.

Like Madonna said, “It’s where you can eat all you want and you won’t get fat. Now where else can you go for a meal like that.”

Jiggaboo Johnson? THAT is a (kewl?) nic, my friend…but probably DOES make you a freak! (LOL!!!)…ahhh…oral pleasure…it’s all good…but I think I’ll save the REAL “T-Man” reply for Nate Dogg…he ‘da MAN when it comes to Honey Lappin’…

…AAhhhh…the Master had already spoken…before my reply appeared!!! :)----!!!

Maybe she doesn’t want you to smell that other man??? (kidding with ya!)

Just be a man and ask her why she changed her mind. Tell her how much you like it and it’s something you want badly. You’d like it if she helped you make it great for her.

Try starting this coversation after having a long shower together. That way she feels clean and if it’s an odor thing you’ll know by that.

“I could eat a peach for hours” - Castor Troy/Nick Cage, Face/Off

Brother Dogg hit it right on the head (no pun intended). She may be self conscious about her smell. Then again…no offense JJ, but are you sure your technique is up to par? Believe it or not, it can get downright annoying for a woman if a guy hasn’t developed the skills. Also, what works wonders on one lady may leave another snoring. Ask her how she likes it, and follow her lead. Oh, and guys, if you want to drive your lady nuts, “surprise” her with a little oral and don’t expect anything in return. Trust me, if you deliver the goods she’ll be raving about you to her girlfriends.

OK go to Amazon and buy a book called guide to getting it on. It is a huge book and will definitely give you some pointers. Sounds to me like your woman is not happy with the way you do it and is just trying not to hurt your fragile ego. Also while you are at it checkout sexuality.org it will splain it to ya too. I ain’t got the time as I gotta eat…

I love going down on my wife and the pleasure she gets from it…however most of the time she tastes like battery acid…yuk. Anyone out know what the hell I can (if??) do anything about this??
I love her dearly and hate bailing on performing the oral pleasure…

I’ve always thought that it’s better to give than to recieve. Nuff said.

Three things: First, make sure your wife trims or shaves downstairs. Both odor and fluid can get caught in all that hair. Second, take a look at her diet. If she’s been eating like crap, believe it or not, it’s been my experience that it will make her smell and taste bad. Third, concentrate on the top of her snatch, especially her clit. For the most part, this is where women like it best anyway and, again in my experience, there should be virtually no “taste” compared to about an inch lower.

Hey PEater, are you a cousin to MDiver?
Anyway, battery acid would not be a good taste,
no doubt. Has muffy been freshly bathed and
still is acidic? What about her diet?
How about timing during the month?

Peater, Yeah man checkout the stuff I suggested for this guy. Sexuality.org even gives you pointers on how to wash her shit without her knowing you are offended by her oder. Very cool shit. Another thing you can try is put a couple altoids in your mouth just before you go down it will increase the sensation for her as a bonus it will kill that acid taste. Another thing you can do is invest about 5-10 bucks in love oils that will add flavor to the cat. Peace.

I have a tear of joy in my eye just thinking of playing with the monkey. I love going down. I need to find myself a little kitty, kitty to play with this weekend. I have this urge to eat out! Like Colonel Sanders says, “Finger lickin’ good!”

She’s cheating on you or she has a yeast infection or VD. She doesn’t want you sticking your face down there find find another guy’s goods.

I don’t see myself going down for hours. my tongue starts to get sore after awhile. :wink:

well, i know its not that shes cheating on me and i’m fairly sure my technique is up to par because i have done it many times and she showed me what she likes. she said that she doesn’t like kissing me afterwards so that might be part of it, but its not like i go down on her and then try to kiss her. she always wants to kiss me afterwards. i would much rather eat poon tang than kiss her though. also she said “most guys don’t like doing that” and she thinks it is not normal for me to want to do that. i’m also her first and only boyfriend she has had so she must have heard that most guys don’t like to do it from one of her gay ass little girl friends that has probably never been with a guy in the first place or one of her non-hot friends whose boyfriend probably won’t do it because she is rank. i know i wouldn’t want to go down on a girl that doesn’t look damn good. my girlfriend does look DAMN good though and i want to be able to eat her out in the future so i need some more suggestions on how to change her mind about it. Thanks, Jiggaboo.
and by the way, that is my real name Mufasa

Enrage, try playing the trumpet for 14 years. I’ve developed the endurance and techniques but have yet to try them out. Nate, help me out here bro!

John, you shouldn’t have any problems using your tongue the right way. All you gotta do is find yourself a woman that you want to perform on! So solve that problem first and then start playing the trumpet on her!!! LOL!

PEater…is she on any medications? I know with the Vixen…when she was on meds…that sweet smelling area became like the Black Lagoon!! With a few meds it got so bad that I wouldnt go near it…nor would she allow me…as she said “My own funk is killing ME!” Showers didnt matter…you could hit that thing with a power washer…and it was still funk central…until she could stop the meds…so find out if she is taking anything…especially antibiotics…because they do affect it.