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Going Down Fighting!


Sorry to hear you are sick mate. That’s what happens when you have 2 weeks holiday !! Just rest for a few days and walk the dog and you’ll be good to go before you know it.


Get well soon man. Sick and lifting don’t mix in the 40s


@simo74 2 weeks holidays start next week, haha. Our dates are a bit diff here.
@losthog I feel ya, although when I get sick now I actually feel better than when I was younger. I’ve managed to dodge a lot of the lurgies going around, so it’s about time to get one.

I reckon going and getting smashed last weekend didn’t do the old immune system any good.


You better get well for the holidays Luc :slight_smile:
Enjoy the camping despite no bonfires.


Same as us. We get the two weeks from next week as well.


Well, this lurgy kicked my ass a bit. Heaps of the kids in my class have had influenza A, I didn’t get tested for the shit. Felt fairly rough up until the weekend which i have spent doing shit around the house. Lots of gardening, at least it’s starting to look decent.
And I had to move 1 meter high pots, full of soil and plants to the Mrs in laws. Loaded em on here, got there and her partner looks at them and says, dunno what we gonna do here, so I carried the heavy suckers around the back! That was more than any freaking workout! At least the Mrs made some comments about how good I looked doing it, haha. That shit never happens

Light and easy one to get back into it.

20kg x5
40kg x5
60kg x5
80kg x5
100kg x5

Close Grip Bench, reverse band
120kg x5 x5 x5

Parallel Bar Dips
BW X 12 x12 x12

Underbar Tri Extension
BW X 10 X10 X10

Floor Skullcrushers
30kg x12 x12 x12

Then some abs.


This is winning. Good job mate


I’m curious, what’s an underbar Tri extension?


Ignore that question, I forgot Google!


Dude this year everyone I know is getting crushed with sickness.


These fry my tris like nothing else, nice and slow and deep.


Yep. Tons of shit going around, and we’re not even in winter yet!


Thanks mate. It’s a rare thing, but certainly a win when it happens :+1:


Just got back from a few days in Sydney, ripper place, but fark it’s busy! People shit me at the best of times, this was next level, haha. All good, no lifting, heaps of walking, my phone tracked me at over 20 k’s every day :open_mouth:
Heaps of good food, lots of steak, haha.
Anyway, back to it!

OH Press
20kg x5
30kg x5
40kg x5
60kg x5 x5 x5

Arnold Press
11kg X10
15kg X10
23.5kg X10

Side Laterals
110kg X10
15kg X10
23.5kg X10

Rear Delt Cable Row
20kg x15 x15 x15

EZ Bar Curls
30kg x8
40kg x8 x8

Seated DB Curls
15kg X10 X10 X10

Cable Curls
20kg x12 x12 x12

Then abs


And there was me thinking you were a people person !!


Haha, I usually am, but the crowds of people that seem to be walking with their eyes shut or staring at their phones gives me the shits, I mean FFS, put the thing down and watch where your going and don’t give me a look when you walk into me and realise I’m an immovable object :wink:


And I bet you dropped the odd shoulder just to wake them up too. Quality


Weird bloody weather here, hot as fuck all week, 34*C today, bushfires just up the road, crazy for Autumn!

Quick one today, heaps of shit to do, food shopping and stuff, got back Thursday night, no food in the house, got milk at the servo, thats it, everything shut for Easter yesterday and tomorrow, haha

20kg x5
60kg x5
100kg x5
140kg x5
160kg x5
180kg x5
200kg x5




Legs are flogged after yesterday’s quick and easy squat session, i guess that’s what I get for not squatting for 2 weeks, haha

3km walk this morning and last night.

Have decided to fuck flat BB bench off for a while, i just hate it!

Flat DB Press
11kg x6
15kg x6
23.5kg x6
35kg x6
40kg x6

Close Grip Bench
100kg x6 x6 x6 x6

Parallel Bar Dips
BW x8
+10kg x8
+20kg x8
+30kg x8

Floor Skullcrushers
40kg x8 x8 x8 x8

Underbar Tri Extension
BW x15 x15

DB Fly
15kg x15
11kg x15

Then abs.