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Going Down Fighting!


Lol never mind then


Time to fuss about it Luc.
Make a hundred kg press a goal, that would be awesome. Nevermind the bench but the press would be awesome.


Yeah it would be awesome, not sure I care about it though. I have push pressed it i reckon, years ago when I went through a phase of doing power cleans etc, will have to look through my old logs. Strict Press is the shit though.


Mate with all the fluff work you do, I would think you could increase the volume on press and see a quick improvement.


Saturday Morning Squats!

20kg x5
60kg x5
100kg x3
140kg x3
180kg x3
200kg x3
220kg x1

100kg x5 x5 x5 x5

Standing BB Calf Fluff
100kg x20 x20 x20 x20

Hip Belt Squats
80kg x8 x8 x8 x8

SSB Good Mornings
60kg x5
80kg x5
100kg x5
80kg x5
60kg x5

Shit seemed to take forever today!


You are a beast @I_Luc. Quality


Not sure if actual videos for once or just a pic/screenshot of a video


Videos for once champ :+1:


Fark, missed Sunday as I had a self inflicted virus, missed Monday due to work, and have been flat stick with some late nights as my class ran a market stall, grrr!

Might redo squats for last 531 week and continue from there

Fluff Day

Behind Neck Press
20kg x8
30kg x8
40kg x8
50kg x8
60kg x5

Arnold Press
22.5kg x8 x8 x8

Side Laterals
22.5kg x6 x6 x6

Seated DB Curl
22.5kg x6 x6 x6

EZ Bar Curl
30kg X10 X10 X10

Rear Delt Cable Row
20kg X10 X10 X10

Rear Delt Fly
5kg cheaper

Cable Curl
20kg xheaps

Front raise to side Laterals
5kg xheaps


Shoulder snaps


You have experience in this?


A physio of a friend of a friend watched it on YouTube once. But no. I’ve had a few niggles about the shoulder joint but never anything major


Haha, so your neighbours , girlfriends, cousins checkout lady


Me and my dad have always done these and also behind neck jerks back in the day and my shoulders are fine.


Saturday Morning Squats

20kg x5
60kg x5
100kg x3
140kg x3
180kg x3
220kg x3 PB

SSB squats
100kg x5 x5 x5 x5

SSB Calf Fluff
140kg x20 x20 x20 x20

Hip Belt Squats
80kg x15 x15 x15

Then some abs


I’m so amazed every time I see you strong guys put on hell even beyond 160 kg on the back 220 fuark man.


Nice man




Good to see that gains are still coming.


@mortdk @painter27 @bonoboschimp @losthog
Thanks fellas, I’m happy I’m still making gains in my 40’s. I will keep plugging away at high percentages to hopefully smash my goal of a 250kg squat.
I’m now crook as fuck, laid out with a flu type bloody thing, missed bench yesterday, dead’s are meant to be today,not sure either will happen. I’ve been pretty lucky with lurgies, haven’t really had one for a couple of years.

Deload was meant to be next week, Supposed to be going camping , bloody fire bans have been extended until May as it’s been so freaking hot and dry, no rain at all for months and parks are closed.