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Going Down Fighting!


Fuark Luc, Strong you are, trust the force.



Depth Police: seems suspicious


Haha, thanks for your concern mate. I have no reason to bullshit. I know my squatting and the feel was good. :+1:


Awesome PR. Even if you didn’t get a video, at least you got a cool picture


Awesome job mate! The weather cooperates and you crush it big!


Easy one today, had a shit sleep last night! Grrr! Just not feeling it today!

20kg x5
40kg x5
60kg x5
80kg x5
100kg x3 x3 x3 x3 x3 all paused!


An exclaimation mark? You think you’re top shit now?


Haha, I’m sensing some jealousy :hugs:
Exclamation mark cos I hate bench!


I was trying to think why a guy with a good bench hates bench, but then I remembered your recent squat PR :joy:

Also I think Jim Wendler said something like “you know you’re an advanced lifter when you hate every exercise”


That is too funny about being advanced.

I still hate non training days. So I’m a beginner


I am by no way as advanced.
I love lifting, such a good stress relief, squats and deads are my fav. Deads from blocks today if all goes the way it’s meant to and I don’t get held up at work etc.


I ordered my SSB today, fuck yeah. Took a while as the one I want from a local mob has been out of stock. 300 bucks delivered. The handles are closer together and more snug than the typical Chinese ones I’ve seen.

Block Pulls
70kg x3
110kg x3
150kg x3
190kg x3
230kg x2
270kg x2
300kg x1 PR!

Standing BB Shrugs
230kg x8
190kg x8
150kg x8

Bent Over Row
150kg x6
110kg x8
70kg X10

Straight Arm Lat Pulldown
30kg x15 x12 x10

Seated Face Pulls
30kg x12 x12 x12

Seated Cable Row
30kg x15 x15 x15


300 kg woohaa Luc


300 !! Keep this up and you will need a longer bar. Nice


Wut brand is the SSB?


@mortdk and @simo74 thanks fellas :+1:

@guineapig it’s an Iron Edge SSB. Just looks like it will be better than the other Chinese copies for a similar price. Others are over 700 bucks, I can be fucked if I’m paying that!


Dude fuck yes. Big weight


Fluff Day today, feeling fairly thrashed! Works been crazy, all sorts of shit going on, nothing bad, just busy as fuck.

OH Press
20kg x5
30kg x5
40kg x5
50kg x5
60kg x5
50kg x5
40kg x5

Arnold Press
18kg x8 x8 x8

Side Laterals
18kg x8 x8 x8

Cable Rear Delt Row
30kg x8 x8 x8

Behind Back Shrugs
70kg X10 X10 X10

Front to side Laterals 5 kg X heaps

Then some ab stuff


We all love a little bit of fluff mate


Nice work mate!