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Going Down Fighting!


Hell yeah dude. Come back strong my man :muscle:


Where’s ur inspirational caption to go with that


Haha,I don’t do inspiration or memes etc!


Fuark Luc how on earth are anyone capable of just holding 200 kg on the back let alone squat it for a single and you did i for 5 reps with more to go.

Total respect Mate.


Thanks Mort :+1:


Running a little low today, had a shit sleep. Woke up many freaking times! Time to start the zma and glycine or gaba again I reckon.

The Mrs has been consistent with lifting with me, she squat 40kg the other day, today she goblet squat 10kg for 60 reps all up and landmine squat for 25kg for 40 reps all up. :thinking:

20kg x5
40kg x5
60kg x5
80kg x3
100kg x3
120kg x3
100kg X10

Incline DB Press
35kg x8 x8 x8

+20kg x8
+10kg x8
BW x8

Incline DB Fly
13kg x25

Landmine Press
50kg X10
60kg X10
70kg X10
I really freaking like these.

Then some ab fluff.


Awesome man.

My wife lifts a bit from time to time, not much 1RM but a bit less than 1RM she can just grind out reps.


Yeah she’s feeling fairly proud, can feel some leg and back muscles now. She hasn’t done any 1 rep stuff, all 6-10 reps.


Easy and light one today, feeling fairly thrashed!

20kg x5
70kg x5
110kg x3
150kg x3
190kg x3

Standing BB Shrugs
150kg X10 X10 X10

Bent Rows
110kg x8
90kg x8
70kg x8

Straight Arm Lat Pulldown
30kg X10 X10 X10

Then some abs!
That’s it, cut it a little short, but fuck it!


You gotta stop saying “easy”. I was expecting a session with some cable crossover and shake weight


Yeah your light days and deloads are beastly.

Nice work man. It must be cooler there. There is no fark it’s hot in the post. :joy::joy::joy:


Don’t underestimate it


Mate a shake a day keeps the doctors away


@simo74 and @duketheslaya a shake has just gotta be done from time to time :partying_face:

@losthog it’s been nice and cool the past few days which is freaking awesome, heating up again this weekend. Feb, March and even April can be scorching here too. Thankfully our new garden has survived that intense few weeks of crazy heat, but I really don’t wanna see my next water bill :open_mouth:


Fluff Day!

OH Press
20kg x5
30kg x5
40kg x5
50kg x5
60og x3 x3 x3

Arnold Press
12kg x8
14kg x8
16kg x8
18kg x8

Side DB Laterals
12kg x8
14kg x8
16kg x8
18kg x8

Rear Delt Cable Row
20kg x20 x20

Behind Back Shrugs
100kg X10 X10 X10 X10

Front to Side Laterals
5kg x20 x20

W Press
5kg x8 x8 x8

Then some ab stuff!


Fluff Friday!

Close Grip Bench
20kg x8
40kg x6
60kg x6
80kg x6
100kg x3
120kg x3 reverse band
140kg x2 reverse band

EZ Bar Curls
50kg x5 x5 x5 x5

Seated DB Curls
18kg x8 x8 x8 x8

OH Tri Extension
20kg X10 X10 X10 X10

Underbar Tri Extension
BW x6 x6 x6 x6 farkin ouch!

Rope Pushdown
20kg x20

Cable Curl drop sets
40kg x6
30kg x12
20kg x16

Then some ab stuff


Alrighty, shortish one today, just BB squats, Saturday Arvo,Metallica cranked, hit an all-time PB which I am happy about, older and stronger!

20kg x5
60kg x3
100kg x3
140kg x2
180kg x2
200kg x2
220kg x2 equal PB, I reckon I could squeeze out 1 more.
240kg x1 PB!

I did take a vid of the 220 and the 240 on my phone, cunt of a thing, the 220 cut out right when I unracked the bar, the 240 right before the hole on the way down! SD card is full it seems!


Lmao vid or or never happened. Ha ha
Good work mate


Haha, thanks mate. Screenshot of where she cut