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Going Down Fighting!


The weather here has been lovely! Don’t think perth saw a 40 degree day this summer. 38’s the highest i remember.


Lol 49.5? is that a joke?


Happy birthday Luc!


Nope no joke, record high temp for there and here. We’ve had heaps of days over 40 this year so far!


Thanks @muskratlifts


Total fluff Day today,I’ve never done an arm only day. Haha, it was harder than I thought!

Close Grip Bench
20kg x5
40kg x5
60kg x5
80kg x5 x5 x5 x5 x5

EZ Bar Curls
30kg x5
35kg x5
40kg x5
45kg x5
50kg x5

OH Cable Tri Extension
20kg x8 x8 x8 x8

Rope Tri Pushdown
20kg X10 X10 X10 x20

Lying DB Extension 2 hands
30kg X10 X10 X10 these were harder than I thought they’d be

Seated DB Curl
15kg X10 X10 X10 X10

Standing Cable Curls
20kg X10 X10 X10 x20

Band Curl X shitloads!


How big are ur arms bro


Totally Maaaasssssiiiivvve


@guineapig and @simo74 your just jealous :clown_face:


Alright, Australia Day squats.
Light weight but sweat a freaking ton! Already walked about 6km today too, with morning dog walk and other shit.

20kg x5
60kg x5
100kg x5
140kg x5 x5 x5

Hip Belt Squats
80kg X10 X10 X10 X10 slow and paused!

Standing BB Calf Fluff
140kg x15 x15 x15 x15

Split Squats
40kg x8
BW x8 x8 I forgot how much these suck!

Donkey Calf Raise
40kg x30

Cable Pull Throughs
30kg x10 X10 x10


Nice work mate, double gainz if you train today :+1:


Oath! No excuse not to train. I trained on christmas, i trained today and I’ll be training on my bday (one week from now)


Thanks fellas @duketheslaya it’s the best work ethic to have mate, no excuses! I always try and get a birthday session in.


Exactly. Even if its a super busy day just wake up earlier or train late at night!


Feeling good today, took a little longer than usual as the Mrs joined in.

20kg x5
40kg x5
60kg x5
80kg x5
110kg x3 x3 x3

Incline DB Press
30kg X10 X10 X10 X10

BW X10 X10 X10 X10

DB Fly
15kg X10 X10 X10

Landmine Press
60kg x8 x8 x8 x8

Then a heap of ab stuff!


Australia Day public holiday today as it was on Saturday, woo hoo!
Back to work tomorrow after 6 weeks off,I have spent a heap of time in there setting shit up though.

Block Pulls
20kg x5
70kg x3
110kg x3
150kg x3
190kg x3
230kg x3
190kg x3

Standing BB Shrugs
190kg x8 x8 x8 x8

Bent Over Row
110kg x8 x8 x8 x8

Straight Arm Lat Pulldown
30kg X8 x8 x8 x8

Rack Chins
BW X10 X10 X10 X10

Seated Cable Row
50kg x12 x12 x12

Finished with some ab stuff


Nice session mate. Do you find you get carry over from the block pulls to your deadlift. Do you do them to hit a weak point in the lift or just cause you like them.


I haven’t really done them for long enough to notice any carryover, but I have also been doing both each week which thrashed me, so will just alternate them from now on. They have def made a difference to my upper body though,traps etc, through lifting the extra kg regularly


I’m thinking of some block pulls later. But it’s different for sumo and conventional pullers


I’ve done them sumo most weeks I’ve done them, the last couple of weeks has been conventional. Sumo block Pulls feel awesome. Although this may depend on how high they are, mine sits the bar under my knees still which I feel is perfect for some overload