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Going Down Fighting!


Nope, it’s really dry, luckily, just bloody hot!


Hot as fuck again today! Along with some humidity, splitting this session in 2 as I’m feeling a little thrashed!

20kg x5
70kg x3
110kg x3
150kg x3
190kg x3
210kg x3 felt harder than it should!
190kg x3
150kg x3
110kg x3

DB Arnold Press
19kg x6 x6 x6 x6

DB Side Laterals
19kg x6 x6 x6 x6

Rear Delt Cable Row
20kg X10 X10 X10 X10
and that’s it, I pussied out! Will do the rest tomorrow!


Pfffft you pussy !!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Fucking Australia lol even the wildlife would cooked


Oops thnx for reminding me I locked my gf in the car.


No that’s bestiality…


Quick and easy one today.

20kg x5
60kg x3
100kg x3
140kg x3
180kg x3
140kg x3
100kg x3

Standing BB Calf Fluff
100kg x25 x25 x25 x25

and that’s it, short on time.


Alrighty, I’ve decided to change shit up a bit. Will go for a 5 day split, not fussed about PR’s on comp lifts for the time being. As of now I can load 200kg on the bar and squat or deadlift it any day of the week, so I’ll maintain that. Will keep main lifts to a no bullshit approach but add in a heap of fluff. Having block Pulls, dead’s and squats in same week was wrecking me,so not sure how to add block Pulls in, maybe after deads on back day, or alternate dead’s and block Pulls week by week.
Anyway, fuck it, first day, haven’t flat benched in a few months, only DB press and close Grip.

20kg x5
40kg x5
60kg x5
80kg x5
100kg x5 x5 x5 all felt easy

Incline DB Press
30kg x8 x8 x8 x8

Guillotine Press
60kg x12 x12 x12

BW X 8 x8 x8

Incline DB Fly
19kg X10
15kg X10
13kg X10

Landmine Press
40kg x15 x15 x15

Landmine Russian Twist X bloody heaps!


That was a heck of a lot of pressing mate, big chest day :slight_smile:

That would probably be the smart thing to do.
How is that 5 day split put together


Thanks @mortdk , I def felt it today. I thought it would be best to split everything up instead of doing arms etc when Im already thrashed from other stuff. So, it will be, Legs, Chest, Back Shoulders and Arms plus abs as often as possible. Of course there’s cross over with arms and shoulders but I’ve found they only grow and look decent with direct work.


Nice, just nice

So youre now a bodybuilder, so you also wear tights ?


Haha, no tights, jocks or shorts mate


Are you sure we are not related. :joy:


Haha,my Mrs hates it!


It’s been too freaking hot for anything more than jocks lately, shorts are for going out, haha. I can’t remember the last time I wore pants.


I am the same, we went out into the city a few months back with friends to a nice restaurant and the wife asked me what I was wearing. I answered shorts and she said but its a nice place. It’s ok I said I’ll wear nice shorts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha, nice shorts with your going out thongs, I get it :+1:


Gotta love those going thongs. Ha ha


Yes. Tights forever.

Comfy and sexi as fuck. Pretty good for hot weather too


Another ball sweating session in my hot as fuck garage. The heat has been crazy this year, feels good sweating like fuck though, the Mrs came in to lift with me and was a hot mess which is weird for her.

20kg x5
70kg x5
110kg x5
150kg x5 x5 x5 focus on speed off floor

Standing BB Shrugs
150kg x12 x12 x12

Bent Over Row
110kg x8
90kg x8
70kg x8 x8

Rack Chins
BW X10 X10 X10 X10

Straight Arm Lat Pulldown
30kg x8 x8 x8 x8

Seated Cable Row
60kg X10 X10 X10 X10

finished with some ab stuff, lying leg raises, crunches and fluff