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Going Down Fighting!

Congrats on the 200 pull, Luc :muscle: Sucks to hear about your headache, hope you kicked him out for good.

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Thanks mate, a heap of Panadol and Neurofen got rid of it in the end.

Military Press, warmup, then 45kgx5, 50x5, 55x5
Bench 60kgx10x10x10x10x10
1 arm Landmine Row, 30kgx10x10x10x10x10
then some shoulder fluff to finish off :+1:

Nice warm arvo here , barefoot deads and squats, finally!

Deads, warmup then, 140kgx3 150x3, 160x3, 150x3, 140x3
BB shrugs, 110kgx5x5x5, 70x10x10
Squats, 60kgx30 - so light, yet hurts so much!!! I like to mix it up, BBB sets of 10 are freaking boring!!!
Decline situps, x10x10x10
some foam rolling to loosen some shit up :+1:

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Nice to see some more aussies around here!, also what the heck are these.

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Hi mate, just a different variation of pull-up but head goes in front of bar :+1::+1:

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Weighing in around 95-96kg now
An hour and a bit of karate this morning.

Bench today, warmup, then 85kgx3, 95x3, 100x3
Military Press 40kgx10x10x10x10x10
Inverted Row, BWx8x8x8x8x8
and that’s all I could be stuffed with today!

I don’t even want to imagine what 30 rep squats feel Like!

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Haha, so light, yet they suck balls!

Light for some, but the point is you’re busting your arse in there, staying healthy and enjoying it, that’s all that matters!

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Today I squat a half decent weight again, first time in a long time! I’ve felt sluggish and tired all day, but the 160kg triple flew up, I decided to stop being a pussy, so I whacked on 180kg, wrapped my aching knees in the Inzers and went for it, first rep felt good so I doubled the sucker!

Squats, warmup, then 140kgx3, 150kgx3, 160x3, 180x2
Hyperextensions, +10kgx10x10x10x10x10
Standing calf fluff, 100kgx20x20x20
Pull Ups, BWx3x3x3x3x3


Awesome work!

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Thanks Duke.

Nice and warm again today, squats and deads barefoot again, for my proper squat day I always wear squat shoes though, but barefoot squats bloody rock for light stuff.

Deads, warmup, 150kgx3, 160x3, 170x3
BB shrugs, 110kgx5x5x5x5x5
Squats, 80kgx20
BB Russian Twist thingos by heaps :+1:, and that’s all I can be assed doing!

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Boring one today.
Military Press, 50kgx3, 55x3, 60x3
Bench, 60kgx10x10x10x10x10
1 arm landmine rows, 35kgx10x10x10x10x10
then fluffed around with some curls and foam rolling

AFL Grand Final day today so had to get lifting in early, recovery will be plenty of steak, snags and chops along with a heap of cider (can’t drink beer due to allergies) Our local team has made it in for the first time since 98 after winning it back to back! 100k people packing the MCG for a cracker of a day! Go the Crows!!!
Bench, warmup, then 80kgx5, 95x3, 105x1, felt easy today!
Military Press, 50kgx10, 45x10, 40x10, 35x10, 30x10
Inverted Row, BW x8x8x8x8x8, putting pins lower on Power rack each week for these until parallel, nearly there :+1:
some fluffing around to finish off and burn off some energy

Great grand final! Richmond wone though haha .:wink: i go for bulldogs (no i didnt jump on the bandwagon because they won last year, my dad and my grandpa go for bulldogs to so its tradition) ,

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Yeah it sucked, umpiring in first half was woeful, the the Crows just plain sucked!!!

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Lifting has been on hold, been out bush camping on some friends property up in the Flinders Ranges, would still be there, but it bloody rained, didn’t want to get rained in, they hadn’t had a drop of rain since early Feb, until we went, haha.

Bench, warmup, then 75kgx5, 85x5, 100x5, 75x12
Military Press, 40kgx10x10x10x10x10
V bar row, 40kgx10x10x10x10x10
then some shoulder fluff to finish off

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Squats, warmup, then 120kgx5, 135x5, 155x5, flew up
Neutral Grip Chins, BWx5x5x5x5x5, will move to weighted again soon
Hyper Extension, BWx10x10x10x10x10
Standing BB calf fluff, 120kgx20x20x20

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Ripper day here, going to shoot down to the beach for a walk later, the Mrs wants to get her ass into gear and be active again, and we’re on holidays, so what the hell!

OH Press, 40kgx5, 50x5, 60x5
Bench 65kgx10x10x10x10x10
1 arm landmine row, 35kgx10x10x10x10x10
DB curls by a few…

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Deadlift day!!!
Deads, warmup, Tenn, 130kgx5, 150x5, 170x5
BB Shrugs, 110kgx10x10x10x10x10
Inverted Row, BWx10x10x10x10x10
then some fluffing around. No squats today, wanted a set of 20 with 80kg again, but slightly pulled my right hammy during deads, (never done it before). It’s only mild, but hurts like a mongrel to sit and I am sure it will bite me in the ass later. Have done some rumble roller on it between sets and it seems better. Will bust out the cricket ball to roll it later!!!