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Going Down Fighting!


Thanks mate, they were fine :+1:


Looks like this new mix of fluff and heavy lifting is going really well for you. What your goals at the moment, just to enjoy and get stronger or do you have an eye on something ?


Basically to change body composition so I look better. Shits working well, arms and shoulders are looking good, legs look better, just need to lose some more fat, haven’t been able to walk due to the shitty weather. It seems to work well though, I don’t feel as fatigued but main lifts have improved over past month or so too, although I’m eating a fair whack of food, at least 3 decent meals of meat, veg and rice a day, plus oats and whey for breakfast and some snacks.
I’m looking forward to what I can do, as I used to be a little stronger, could squat 230kg, and dead 250kg , was big, but just looked fat, haha


Nice mate, what ever you are doing seems to be working so keep it up. I need to get my lazy ass out of bed and start doing some weight vest walking but just can’t seem to take the first step.


Yeah, best to just get out there and do it mate. I’m missing my walks, poor dog will be too, camping for weekend away and shitty weather really sucks, it’s been pissing down with 90kmph winds expected here


Yep pretty stormy here too tonight.


Still no walks, shitty weather, haha
Missed squats last week due to camping, so a lightish session to break me back into it.

20kg x5
60kg x5
100kg x5
120kg x5
140kg x5
160kg x5

Hip Belt Landmine Squats
100kg x8 x8 x8 x6 x6 x4
legs are flogged after these!

BB Hack Squats
60kg x8 x8 x8 pause just off the floor each rep, ouch!

Standing BB Calf fluff
140kg x15 x15 x15

Donkey Calf Raise
40kg x15 x15 x15 so light but man these flog my calves!

Band Pullaparts x100


Do you notice any difference in recovery not walking?


Yeah a little bit mate, felt sore after behind Neck Press, but had also changed up the reps and weight, so who knows. I feel bad when I don’t go, bad as in guilty as I’m used to it.


Your lightish and my lightish are definitely very different. Nice work.


totally agree on this one.

Hey Mate you made out of sugar :slight_smile:
Get your bloody ass out there, it’s good fun to feel the elements rage and fury.

Great workouts man 160x5 squat light my A**

EDIT: Happy TN anniversary


Haha, thanks mate, very true, might have been a bit slack over last week, although flat stick too, not much time, although it’s all calmed down now, so I’ll smash it again this week


Deads today, still feeling a little stiff from squats yesterday, the hip belt squats are awesome!

70kg x5
110kg x5
150kg x5
190kg x5
150kg x5

BB Shrugs
110kg x8
130kg x8
150kg x8

Landmime V Rows
60og x12 x12 x12 slow and steady

Parallel Bar Dips
BW x12 x12 x12

Decline DB Fly
15kg x10 x10 x10

Decline bench Situps x10 x10 x10

Band Face Pulls x15 x15 x15

Standing Band Crunch x15 x15 x15

Band Pullaparts x100


I’m sore in all sorts of places today which is good, squats and deads have hit their spot!!!

Fluff day today!

OH Press
20kg x10
30kg x10
40kg x10
50kg x10
40kg x10

DB Side Laterals
15kg x6 x6 x6

Front to OH Plate Raise
20kg x8 x8 x8

DB Hammer Curls
15kg x8 x8 x8

DB Preachers
15kg x8 x8 x8

Lying Band Curls 1 set x 100, ouch!

Band Trip Pushdowns 1 set x 100

Band Pullaparts x100 throughout


Gotta love gettin a pump


So, as is always the case with 5/3/1, I’ve noticed strength gains, but man- my upper lower split that I was doing beforehand resulted in more hypertrophy in a shorter period of time, and I miss it. I just do well with more interesting routines, more volume, or as you put it- more fluff. Might have to pay attention to my psyche and switch some stuff up soon.


For sure, I’ve done mainly powerlifting style routines for ever, I got strong, looked alright for a bit, then got stronger and fatter, haha.
I’m enjoying my split at the moment, I will change some shit up soon I reckon, my shirts are def tighter and sitting higher due to shoulders, the Mrs keeps telling me to stop as it sucks buying me clothes.


20kg x8
40kg x8
60kg x8
80kg x8
100kg x8

Close Grip Bench
100kg x3
80kg x8
60kg x12

Band Pullaparts x60

And that’s it, got cut short due to neighbour rocking up to help diagnose a stinky sewer issue we are having


That will be all the protein!!!


Haha, yep I sure give it a workout, but we have an issue of the floor drain in the bathroom drying out and stinking!
Hope it’s an easy fix and not a crack in it as it’s in the slab