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Going down fighting!


Had a shit sleep last night so not feeling it today, kept it light. Bit of a fluff session, haha. Squats tomorrow.

Behind Neck Press
20kg x10
30kg x10
40kg x15 x15 x15

Upright Rows
30kg x12 x12 x12

Landmine Lateral Raises
22.5kg x12 x12 x12

BB Curls
30kg x12 x12 x12

Delcine DB Tri Extension
15kg x12 x12 x12 15 sec rest each set

Band Tri Pulldown
2 bands x15 x15 x15 slow and stretch

Band Curls x25 x25 x25

Need to get a cable thingo I reckon for this shit instead of bands, am keeping an eye in Gumtree for a decent and simple one that’s not a rort!


Walked last night and 3k’s this morning.
Decent sleep last night, 7 hours, have been bloody hungry today!

20kg x6
60kg x6
100kg x6
120kg x6
140kg x6
160kg x6

Standing BB Calf fluff
160kg x15 x15 x15

Barbell Hack Squat
100kg x6 x6 x6
I did these pausing about 2cm from the ground and not letting the plates touch, fuck me!

Landmine Hip Belt Squats
60kg x12 x12 x12

Donkey Calf Raise
40kg x15 x15 x15


Hungry for some quad gains by the look of your log :joy:


Decent sleep last night 7 and half hours.
Didn’t feel like lifting today, bit sluggish and worn from squats yesterday, however half way through the 150kg set I was thinking ‘fuck yeah!’

70kg x6
110kg x6
150kg x6
200kg x5 could have nailed 6 I reckon

BB Shrugs
110kg x12 x12 x12

Landmine V Row
70kg x12 x12 x12

Parallel Bar Dips
+10kg x12 x12 x12

Decline DB Fly
15kg each x12 x12 x12

Decline Crunches x12 x12 x12

Band Face Pulls
2 bands x15 x15 x15

Standing Band Crunch
2 bands x 20 x20 x20

Band Pullaparts x100

Will walk later too if I can still be bothered.


Nice work as always man. That workout sounded fun in a sic kinda way :wink:


great workout Luc

200 kg DL for reps damn mate :slight_smile:




2 later than usual nights in the salt mine due to staff meetings…boring!!! So no lifting for 2 days, I probably needed it, haha.

Well I must be doing something right, deads and squats are feeling bloody good! Waist measurement is up an inch or so, wtf!!! I think it might be my lower back, as I’m looking leaner too, hmmm, and shirts are tighter.

Fluff day today, walked 2.5k’s this morning before work.

OH Press
20kg x8
30kg x8
40kg x6
50kg x6

Side Laterals
15kg x8
10kg x15
5kg x20

1 arm Landmine Press
30kg x12 x12 x12

Front to Overhead Plate raise
10kg x20 x20

DB Hammer Curls
10kg x15 x15 x15

DB Preachers
10kg x15 x15 x15

Band Curls x20 x20 x20


Your strange mix of fluff and some heavy stuff seems to be paying off. Looks like you have hit on some secret special training!! :wink: Good work man


Thanks mate. I am feeling pretty good and looking a little better. It’s hard to judge though looking at myself everyday with the tiny amount of change


Yer but usually how your clothes fit or a tape measure are a good guide !!


Slept 8 and half hours last night, woke up just before the alarm, Fark, hasn’t happened in ages!!!

20kg x10
40kg x10
60kg x10
80kg x6
100kg x6
80kg x6
60kg x6

Close Grip Bench
80kg x10
70kg x10
60kg x10

DB Fly
10kg x12
15kg x12
20kg x12

Bent Over Rows
60kg x12 x12 x12

Inverted Row
BW x12 x12 x12

1 arm Landmine Row or Meadow Row as I just found out!
40kg x10 x10 x10

Lying Leg Raise x12 x12 x12

Standing Band Crunch x 12 x12 x12

Band Pullaparts x :100: