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Going Down Fighting!


I’ve really got to get a hip belt or a length of chain like alpha uses. Belt squats look like pure money for the quads without loading the back.


Yeah they are awesome.
I used a thick chain (only ever used it for pulling motors out of cars) a pool noodle and some duct tape. Shit I had laying around, haha.


Very Cool with a belt squat. Can you post a picture of it and the way it attaches?.

I´m looking forward to when 3 x 175 kg feels easy again.
Been decades since I have been up there.


Strong lifts man! I just started doing 531 as well. Will be following!


Will do mate when I’m back at home tomorrow


Thanks mate :+1:


want to see the pic’s too. Sounds like a good exercise.


Walked 3km this morning. Did stuff all yesterday, drove back from the old dears after a shit night’s sleep and a few too many cider’s!!!.

DB Press
12.5kg each x10
25kg each x 10
30kg each x 10
35kg each x 10
Haven’t done these in years, I forgot how good they are

BW x5
+10kg x5
+20kg x5
+30kg x5
+20kg x5
+10kg x5

Close Grip Bench
60kg x10
70kg x10
80kg x10
60kg x10

Decline DB Fly
15kg each x10x10x10

Decline Tried Extension
20kg plate x15x15x15

Band Pulldowns
2 bands x 12x12x12x12 slow, hold and stretch

Standing Band ab crunch things to finish


Can’t believe I’ve missed this log. In for the ride.


Thanks mate :+1:


@losthog @Backbone @mortdk here are the pics of my dodgy belt as promised. I leave a gap between the end of the collar and the first plate for a nice groove fit for the chain :slight_smile:
I’m gonna wrap the whole thing in black duct tape for the professional backyarder look.


Missed my deadlifts yesterday, was soo freakin tired, had hardly any sleep due a thunderstorm that ripped through keeping our dog barking and running up and down the hallway like an idiot.
No walk this morning, I decided it was already too warm when I woke up, weirdly hot Autumn weather, it’s like summer has gone on for bloody months.

150kg x3
170kg x 3
190kg x3

Neutral Grip chins
BW x 5x5x5

V- Bar Rows Landmine
100kg x10x10x10x10

Inverted Row
BW x10x10x10x10

Face Pulls
2 Bands x 10x10x10x10 hold and stretch

Band Pullaparts x 100

Landmine Russian Twist
30kg x20x20x20

I video some attempts of some lifts just to make sure form is right etc. Here is the 190kg x3, first rep I lean forward too much I reckon. And yes I touch and go, who cares, they are steel plates and don;t bounce, apart from the red 25kg bumpers. And sorry for showing a vid in my jocks, haha, I’ve ripped the ass out of many pairs of shorts while lifting so pretty much gave up on lifting in shorts about 10 years ago.


Great lift Mate, well done.
Can’t see if anything is wrong, just impressed by the heavy shit you can pull.


Haha, thanks mate, I could lift a bit heavier a few years back, but didn’t lift, or very sporadically for about 3 years, but am getting there slowly again, even though my lifting has taken a different direction and moved away from lots of squats, deads and bench. Will be happy to break the 250kg deadlift, I reckon I’m good for 230kg at the moment.


Snuck in a 3km walk last night and this morning.

OH Press
47.5kg x5
52.5kg x5
60kg x5

Behind Neck Press
55kg x10
50kg x10
45kg x10
40kg x10

BB Shrugs
140kg x10x10x10x10

Fat Close Grip BB Curls
30kg x10
27.5kg x10
25kg x10
20kg x10

Landmine Lateral Raise
20kg x10x10x10

DB Hammer Curls
15kg x10x10x10x10

Band Curls x50x50

Band Pullaparts x100

Front to OH plate raise
10kg x20x20


Skipped lifting yesterday, felt flat and hungry, just a 3km walk, and a heap of eating, a couple of meals of steak, veg and rice and a Butter Chicken for T.

3km walk this morning. Being ANZAC Day it was very quiet out this morning.

130kg x5
150kg x5
170kg x5 last rep felt heavier than it should

Standing BB Calf Raise
140kg x20x20x20x20

Hip Belt Squats
100kg x10x10x10x10

Band Pullaparts x80 throughout

Left it there as I copped a bloody headache, grrrr!


No lifting yesterday, just 3km walk in morning and arvo.
Gonna continue this no BB bench for a bit still.

DB Press
15kg each x10x10
25kg each x 10
30kg each x10
35kg each x10

BW x5
+10kg x5
+20kg x5
+30kg x5
+20kg x5
+10kg x5

Close Grip Bench
80kg x10x10
70kg x10
60kg x10

Decline DB Fly
15kg x10x10x10x10

Band Pulldowns
2 bands x15x15x15x15 slow, hold and stretch

Band Pullaparts x100

Standing Band Ab Crunches x10x10x10


Are you kidding? hell of a lot of work man.


Bit of a shit one today, have had some seriouly shit sleeps over past week or so. Bad asthma and I keep waking up with it throughout the night which is annoying.

Walked 3k’s yesterday morning and arvo and once again this morning.

warmup, then
150kg x3
170kg x3
200kg x3
210kg x1

BW x5 x5 x5

Landmine V-Rows
120kg x10
100kg x10
80kg x10

Band Pullaparts x a few.

Left it there as I am feeling like ass.


How bad is the asthma, do you take medicine?
Yeah bad sleep takes away good workouts. Hope you’ll get some decent sleep soon.