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Going Deaf From my iPod


Every time I go to the gym I always have to crank the music. But lately it feels like my ears are ringing when i leave the gym..... Anyone else have this problem?

And is this the start of a life time of poor hearing?


Pretty much.


Yes, thar ringing may be your tympanic membrance losing its recognition of that particular sound.

I can't pass a hearing test - I've had really, really bad hearing my entire life because of wicked ear infections as a kid. I wouldn't wish it on anyone else. Half the time I'm just smiling and nodding, with no clue about what people are saying.


what type of headphones are you using?

if you are using the inner ear ones stop using them for a while and get the old style that go over your ear or the type like Boses sells that are much bigger but have the foam to cover your ears


..look, you're stupid for exposing your ears to loud close-proximity sounds, but if you're young your hearing isn't screwed yet, but be careful. Buy in-ear plugs that have silicone edges you push deep in your earcanal, this drowns out ambients sounds and you don't need to crank up your iPod. Are you using Apple's stock earphones, or what? Those things are crap, toss them out now...


I heard that there's no cure for it, is it true? Is there a way to control it? I had this ringing sound in my right ear for a year now. I was on a plane (~16hrs) and I wore my in-ear earphones for nearly the whole journey (~16hrs), I forgot to take them out when I fell asleep. When I arrived I noticed that the hearing in my right ear is significantly lower than in my left ear.


..what kind of volume are you playing your music on? 11? How can anyone not realise that exposing yourself to very loud noise for a very long time causes damage to your hearing? Yes, damage to your hearing is permanent...


It wasn't even that loud, in ipod terms it's around half the maximum volume. Normally I only use it just for an hour or two; the time it takes to walk to the gym, do my workout and go back home. It was really a mistake not taking them off while sleeping, now I have a permanent ringing noise in my right ear, I'm lucky the left one is still alright. I haven't used any earphones since then.


Actually studies have shown that these plugs that go into your ear canal are just as bad if not worse b/c of how close they are. Read it a while ago when I wondered the same thing.

The best for you are the noise canceling ones that fit over your entire ear.

I personally think a lot of this is hype. Kind of like how reading in poor lighting can make you go blind or make your vision worse..MYTH.


haha...you sound just like me. I was born with a severe hearing loss. Put me near some background noise and I can't hear shit all of what people are saying. I get tired of asking people to repeat themselves, so smile and laugh/nod seems to usually work.


Listening to music at a very high volume will decrease hearing over the years. There are lots of people in my gym that blast music on their ipods. Sometimes the volume is so loud, I can recognize which song they are listening too. Sooner or later some of these guys won't be able to hear at all!



Shit. This is something I have really worried about. My headphones are the in ear type. I got them to drown out the horrid music at my gym. I just had to do something.

You guys wouldn't believe how truly bad it really is. It drives my wife and I both out of our minds. Absolute GARBAGE. I mean this is the lowest of the pop top 40 trash heap. The kind stuff that can't possibly be of interest to anyone over the age of 11 or 12. And the cruddy lyrics, because they annoy you so bad, they stay in your fucking head. And so later on while I am trying to work or read a book or something the trauma returns ans you want to take a cordless drill with a half inch bit to your temple just to stop it. yeah it's like that.
I'm sitting there having a cup of green tea, and the house is quiet and then all of a sudden I remember "puh puh puh puh puh poker face" and "don't trust a ho, don't trust a ho, never trust a ho" or that mega ghey Jonas brothers song that pissed you off during the previews for movies for the last few months. Yah. They play that one too.

So I bought an MP3 player in the interest of preserving my sanity and now I am having to juggle which is more important. Sanity or hearing. Nice.


So basically you work out at Cardinal Fitness...


Go into the iPod options and limit the maximum volume.


I'd imagine that in about 30 years from now there will be more people with hearing loss because so many people use headphones now. Just a guess.


I'm sure I am doing the same, since I crank my in-ear Altec-Lansing earbuds in the gym. And I probably listen to music too loud in the gym. To be honest, I don't give a shit since my hearing is also poor from childhood ear infections.


im 60% deaf in my left ear because i was ignorant to how loud i was listening to my music.


I have been listening to music via car stereo and headphones extremely loud my whole life and my hearing is fine.I use to have this huge stereo in my room with car subs and concert PA speakers and I would play it as loud as it would go for hours and my hearing is fine.I think some people are just more suseptable to loosing there hearing than others.


Also I have a problem with wax build up in my ears and get my ears fully cleaned out about once a year and after that i can hear much better, so maybe get your ears checked to see if they need cleaning.