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Going Crazy, Don't Want to Give Up on This Diet

I have been on an all natural cut this is my 11th week the beginning of it anyway. I’m moving into a lean bulk for 16 weeks but I wanted to be 10% body fat and my scale shows me at 12.4 it feels like I’m never going to get there and I’ve slowly been bumpin calories up so I don’t gain fat…I think u call it reverse dieting. I went as low as 1200. I m at about 1750 right now I still want to lose the body fat so I’m debating on what to do.

I’m going nuts I dont wanna give up on the diet and lose the rest of this bf but I’m starting soon I have no choice. I was thinking maybe a cut on the first 4 weeks and then switch?

I’m 5’5" 137 lbs. my abs are still hidden but they’re flat and I’m starting to be cut everywhere. I intermittent fast 14 hrs eating at 12pm til 10 PM. 30 min moderate cardio on elliptical fasted every morning. 1 hr weights wverynight. carbs are centered before and after weights.

can I gain on a cycle in a deficit? has anyone else been where I’m at?

Having this plan

when you have this physique

Is probably going to get you a bit of stick from the crowd here, haha. I’m assuming you’re male, since you said you’re just above 10% body fat - in which case even at your height 137 lbs is not a lot.

I’d hazard a guess that if you still can’t see your abs, the reason is that your abdominal musculature isn’t developed enough to actually appear prominent and form the “six pack” - not because you’re not lean enough.

I suspect that you will probably be told by everyone here to stop being obsessed with what body fat % your scale says you are (which, by the way, probably isn’t super reliable anyway) and to focus on adding some quality muscle mass, since from what you’ve said, you are already very lean.


What does your 1 hour of weights every night consist of?

To clarify: if you looked exactly the same as you do now, weighed exactly the same as you do now, but the number on your scale said “10” instead of “12.4”, you would be content?


How old are you?

Just asking because I think you’re about the same height & weight I was in 9th grade for wrestling season, which starts right about now.

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couple awnsers or info here I’m a little dude for sure but I’m actually pretty muscular. but I’ve never cut in my life. i got to 167 naturally years ago that took 2 years. and enhanced I’ve been to 180. i was never fat i didnt think so but I had a bit on me here.

my weight training is a 4 day split. mon squats stifflegs leg press leg curl calf raise

Tue bench inc dumbell flat dumbbell incline Smith close grip bench rope ext

wen deadlift wide pull up hammer machine rows one arm rows reverse pull down ez bar curl

thur shoulder press dumbbell press reverse pec leg raises crunches 15min jog.

i take a day off when i need one

I’m pretty seasoned in fitness. and I’m not obsessed with bodyfat. I just set a goal and I’ve worked so hard that I’m going nuts thinking incant get it.

I’m 43

oh yeah I’m not worried about anyone being a dickhead to me cuz I do everything right in train hard I never miss cardio. I push for 1 more rep or 5 more lbs every time I train on everything. no issues there. it’s the diet and the timing. 16 week eq test tbol cycle. would it work to just increase 100 calories a week to slowly move from a cut to a lean bulk? would it be effective

Ok. Just warry of kids trying to cut/make weight, do stupid things right about now.

Didn’t mean to imply anything or break your stones.

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Honestly I think that diet is the least of your concerns. Considering the progress (actually, lack thereof) that you’ve made, steroids should be the last thing on your mind.

I’m not trying to be mean here. I really feel that you are not ready for a cycle; you still have a metric shitton of natural gains to make.


oh no I’m ready I’m not questioning that. man I was hoping this shit didnt go this route. I’m looking for information on transition. I guess I could’ve been more vague and avoided this. dont let that 137 fool you. I’m not that dude that wanted to be Bruce Lee on here. I think you’d be suprised at how I’m built. I’m not huge obviously but I’m stocky I could lie about that number making it 20 lbs higher and you wouldn’t question it. but thanks anyways guys. I’ll just have to trial and error it. I was 158 when I started. I’ve done great.

I would highly suggest asking for some opinions on the Pharma subforum. To be fair, I’ve never done steroids so I don’t have much more to offer than I already have.

I’m not either, I’m stating that you’re not ready. I don’t have to look at your build (although feel free to post pics if you want to prove anyone wrong) to know that. I’m 5’9" and 235 at about 15% BF, and have never touched anabolic drugs. Based solely on your weight, you have plenty of natural gains to be made.

just so you know not like it matters instead of running a cycle as I was then I decided to get in the best shape of my life ripping my bodyfat off and killing the cardio and then run it. if I did it the other way around mfs would say the same shit but opposite. come on y’all make this forum helpful and supportive. I was looking for someone whod been in a similar situation. their advice and what they did.

I tried to do just that, but you ignored my post.

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thanks anyways guys. be safe

I would really like to see pictures of you have any. Anything under 5’10 and idk what weight looks like what. Curious was a good 135ish looks like at your height

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There’s a guy in the BB section with a couple of contest prep logs, @robstein. Check out what he has done and is doing.

He’s about the same dimensions & stuff, lean, solid. A real dynamo, honestly.