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Going Beyond Your Estimated 1RM


If you're familiar with 531 or simply lifting beyond your estimated 1rm, I do the following workout and would like feedback on it.
A typical workout for squat for example would be warm up 3x5@40%,50%,60% of 1rm
working sets (531 protocol) 3x3@70%,80%,90% 1rm
2-3 extra sets of: 110% 1x, 120% 1x
I superset the warm ups with reverse hyper and the subsequent sets with weighted sit ups.
It wouldn't be smart nor make sense to do assistance work after, right?


I'm excited to hear your rationale.


That's fine, but personally I don't keep a track of my 1rm, I'm intrigued why and how you are?

This is not the 5/3/1 protocol. Either you aren't understanding the simple instructions correctly, or you've mistyped the above.

How can you lift higher than your 1RM? By definition, it's the heaviest you can lift

Why not? Why do you think Jim wrote all those fantastic assistance exercise templates for if not to be used?


It sounds like you're sort of doing joker sets, maybe? But I think you're meaning to say 'training max' where you're saying '1RM', since the original 1RM from which you based your training maxxes, is meaningless after the first cycle. Furthermore, as you progress, your training max has less and less bearing on what your actual 1RM would be if you were to test it.

Also, you absolutely should still do assistance work after joker sets. Buy the 'Beyond' e-book, it's more than worth it. It explains joker sets, and that's what you want to do if you absolutely have to get a fix of high weight singles.


Get the book if you don't have it already, and check out SVR if you like intelligently-programmed heavy singles. I'm running it and it's probably the best program a guy w/ ADHD, in need of variety within a structure, could get his hands on. Heavy singles, volume, PRs; it's all there. It gives you a lot of room to experiment with assistance work as each week the demand is different, and some days are easier to recover from than others.