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Going Bald?


how much time does neelydan have left?


To live? Or till your receding hairline turns your head into a cue ball?


alas it's not the hairline that concerns neelydan, but the start of, as george costanza would put it, the classic horseshoe pattern


For gods sake, shave that shit off now so that you can stop wearing that stupid hat!!

(that is a hat behind you right?)

Beside, I bet Mrs. NeelyDan secretly digs bald guys :slight_smile:


did you.....did you just.......insult neelydan's poor boy cap?



A constanza reference! You continue to surprise me, MR. Neely.

In all seriousnous, my wife works in the Hair Industry and I can reccommend some products ( no informercial crap or pyramid scheme stuff, real products) you can get that will help tremendously. This is products that simple shampoo/conditioners/etc that you should be able to get from a high end salon, also ROGAINE really works, only thing is that when you stop it stops and the hair falls out fast. I'm lucky so far with the hair, but best friend has had issues and the stuff he got worked great.

You're a long way from a cue ball, but the parking lot appears to be taking over the forrest!


No, no, no.. Not insult... just suggest..


Not long.


Bald doesn't seem to bother your cousin.
Take it gracefully.


Ask whomever in your family that you got the bald gene from when they lost their hair.

I tried finding a nice classic horseshoe pattern picture from Seinfeld and came up empty. :frowning:


just shave it off before it gets too noticeable. You need to adopt the motto that you'll "Fire it before it quits on you"

the badly balding guy who's hanging on is a bad look but shaving your head (even if people know its cause you're balding) is A OK.

Just gotta grow a little facial hair, make sure you got a tan and not be a skinny twig and you're golden


neelydan is not a fan of the moderators changing the title of his thread

thanks for taking it from humourous to a serious queestion lol


the title was originally "GUYS"

back to your regular scheduled programming

lankymofo, neelydan appreciates your efforts and rues the day he ever decided to have a tiff with you


An offering.

And a link showing all 99 references made in the picture:


Don't feel too bad, it happens to all Bruins fans, eventually.



in your attempt to poke at neelydan, you may have found the answer - last year's epic collapse against the flyers is to blame!



own it. rock it.

make it sex-say.



Love you.

I, too, have this halo thing going on......



...neelydan made a post about it on fb to track the progress as we reach full dome status

awwww yeah, y'all wanna be on neelydan's friends list jigga wha


You should take a long look at my avatar. it is the only solution my friend.

that and hang on to that cool cap


Last year or so I've been hit with the receding hair-line hard. Luckily I keep my hair shaved to a 3 all around most of the time anyway but still sucks