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Going Back to Work. Question on 3 Days a Week Routine


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I read an answer you provided to another user in regards to a M/W/F schedule and I have an added question…

I am an adjunct and have 2 kids. Semester starts next week and Tuesday/Thursday are completely out.

If I am only getting in the M/W/F should I be going harder to compensate for the lost days or is that not the way I need to view it? Im working on fat loss and strength building and have been going at 5-6 days a week for the last 3 months.

Thank you for taking the time to help out!



arg. Phone was acting up. Deleting just because.


It’s okay. I will post elsewhere. Thanks anyway!


3x a week is perfect. I would have 2 upper days and one lower. Push/Pull/Legs (although I’d actually set it up push/legs/pull) or something like that


I have a similar schedule situation. Tuesdays and Thursdays are game/meet nights and thus I use them as rest days.

If you like 5 days a week, there is always the weekend.


3 days a week is fine. Loads of highly effective programs here like that


Thanks all for the replies!

I am wanting to do this:

The schedule looks like this: (its the women’s hardbody plan)

Monday: Lower body strength/hypertrophy work
Tuesday: Lower body pump complex/lower body metcon
Wednesday: Upper body strength/hypertrophy work
Thursday: Upper body pump complex/upper body metcon
Friday: Optional sprint/energy systems session
Saturday: Whole body explosive work
Sunday: OFF

Suggestions on smashing into a 3 day?? I do not mind working out on the weekends. My problem with it is if I can be consistent. There are plenty of weekends that I can and do get in a good workout but I have one kid starting sports etc so I do not always get to. But yes, I prefer working out 5-6 days.

At this moment I am less concerned with getting in a hard enough work out and more concerned with meal prepping appropriately for work. Throwing heavy shit around is one thing, but the food… ugh. Well, the food is how I got to this miserable shape. Ha!



Smashing into a 3 day -hell no, spreading out over 2 weeks/12 days -absolutely fine.


Or, just get on a 3 days a week program. Chad Waterbury has quite a few and even Chris C has an article.

Lots to choose from and they are quite effective.


Thanks for the input! Will look for other 3 day specific plans I suppose.



I suppose

That is a very negative outlook on life.

At the end if the day, do what you enjoy. We are just giving you advice that you asked for.

But you need to loose the defeating self talk.

You sound like a teenager that has to mow the grass…


Woa…I think the loss of facial expression and the tone in my voice gave off a very wrong impression.

I appreciate the advice from all of those that have posted. My “suppose” was to express my pondering on these other programs.

I am in no way defeated. If I were I would not be on this site and on these forums looking for help.

I’m extremely sorry if I offended any of you. That was not my intention.