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Going Back to the Gym - Advice Please


I joined a gym today and I'm going to start lifting weights again. I used to lift but I stopped. I have been doing bodyweight exercises but not gym.

Anyway, I am 46 years old and a little overweight. What is the recommendation for my workout? HIT, 5X5? I would like to do a full bodyworkout three times per week. I also plan on riding the stationary bike after the weights.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Sounds like you answered your own question kinda. Chad Waterbury has some TBT routines, you might want to look at his stuff.




Sorry if that sounded snarky. I get familiar with people too fast and assume they've already completely surveyed the site when there's a lot of site to survey. Probably not fair of me.

But CW is your man for TBT fer shur.

And congrats on jumping back into lifting. GOod luck!


Welcome back to lifting! and to the old farts forum.

I did total body training starting with dumbbells and progressing to barbell work as I read this site and others. Because I was completely new to weights, I started with a 10 rep scheme and found that it worked well for fat loss and beginners strength gains. Anywhere from 6-10 exercises and 1-3 sets per exercise. Put that cardio in there as well. I like to bike to warm-up and then would finish off with a longer session when I had the time.


I second the TBT. Great Program.


Welcome, Irn! Listen to these guys, they know what they're talking about!

You can't go too far wrong with a progam including squats, deadlifts, bench, row, and overhead press. Probably don't need a whole lot else. Took me YEARS to finally figure this out.



Welcome. Seconding Math, a lot of people know their stuff here.

Just stay away from that Albino guy. He's kinda snarky.


Welcome back......my advice. Take care of those shoulders. Seems us old farts are prone to making them sore. A good warm up is crucial.....