Going back to Linear Progression after Smolov

i have heard it is tough to make gains going back to some sort of weekly linear progression (like 5x5) after doing Smolov.

is this true?

*posted this in the Smolov experience thread but i think people missed it

Depends on how you respond to programs like 5x5 and what exercises you perform. There are so many ways to twist a 5x5 program and that is exactly what I intend on doing when I finish the intense Smolov phase.

If you are concerned with keeping your “Smolov-gained” work capacity, it just isn’t feasible with without matching the volume and intensity, in my opinion.

Making gains on top of the Smolov gains using a linear program is possible with a well thought out action plan, but I don’t think the rate of gain of Smolov is physically possible to maintain. Note that people who have performed Smolov multiple times do not match the previous gains, from what I have found (anomalies always exist).

Edit: As I mentioned, I will be doing a 5x5, but I will still squat a minimum of 3 times a week.

Well you should consider are you at the point where you feel you NEED to do the smolov program to gain that 30-40lbs on your squat from the base cycle?
Or could you gain that…of course over a longer course, and then when you feel you have plateaued at your weight, try smolov and see what comes of it.