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Going Back on Creatine

Hi ya all.

It’s been a few years but I’m adding creatine Saturday.
I’ve read that it doesn’t matter if we load it or not. Let’s hear some input on that cause I’ve not decided yet.
Also, do u guys mix it with water, add it to something else or what? In the past I just used water but I’m wondering if mixing it with my protein might work when I’m drinking it anyway.


I don’t think it matters all that much. Just take it and lift, you’ll be fine.


Yeah dont need to load and time of day doesnt make much difference. Saying that, if add to your intra/preworkout drink can get slightly better pump and fullness.

Also drink an extra couple glasses of water throughout the day

2Jar and Badger:
Thanks for the replies. Pretty much confirms what I was thinking.
Last time I used it, it seemed best pre-workout as far as pump went.
As for H2O, I’m currently at 1.5-2.0 ga/day. When creatine is added I’ll just be sure to get 2.0 or more. It can actually sometimes be difficult to gulp that much water but it is definitely important for all our cells …

But yeah, thanks to you both :slight_smile:

The important things are to use quality creatine monohydrate, and use it regularly, but not overdose it due to the potential risks such as tendon tears and dehydration.

Understood. Ordered it from BioTest.

Will use the dose on the bottle.


Been taking it for a few months and i think it’s contributed greatly to my latest progress getting lean and keeping muscle. I take mine with a serving of hmb

Here’s the silly question of the day

What is HMB and wats it good for? And no I’m not going to google it: u mentioned it, u explain please :slight_smile:

It’s a metabolite of Leucine, which some would say is the only Amino acid that’s important in BCAAs. Of course, it could all be horseshit as studies seem hit or miss on it’s effectiveness, but I’ve been doing so well with the mixture of creatine and HMB I wouldn’t subtract it from my supplementation. I’m not saying I think it’s solely responsible for the good stuff happening lately, but I would never say it’s been hurting me.

I have five to 10 grams in my tea every morning. Seems to work just fine that way

So if I was interested in trying such a thing, I would search for “HMB” in supplements?
Where do you get yours?

Okies, I’m mixing 5mg with 32oz of water, even though the directions say to mix it with 12oz. I can’t fathom that’d be a problem. Besides, I drink my water out of a 32oz bottle (4/day at present).

I may just mix it with my protein drinks tomorrow. Don’t think that matters either. Can’t imagine the saturation level of it in a drink would impact the amount ingested at all. Just makes it mix easier to use more fluid.

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I get hmb through Amazon under the brand bulk supplements. Comes in a bag and you need a small measuring spoon. The bag is a pain in the ass because ziplocks never work correctly, so I move the powder to a used creatine jar and put a desiccant inside with it to keep it fresh.

Thx I’ll have a look :slight_smile:

I love HMB also, personally get most from it by having with pre workout meal

Duly noted-thanks. I put some in my “I’m gonna buy” list on Amazon Prime :slight_smile: