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Goin Skiing


What's the best way to prepare? I'm going skiing in a couple of weeks, for two days. From experience i know that i will have heavy traning soreness the second day. What's the best way to minimise it? Doing high rep squats every other day? Don't think low reps will do. Jumping up and down for hours?
Anyone got knowledge/experience?


I love skiing, but i work out all the time so i'm always prepared, but if your going in two weeks you don't have any time to prepare. keep doing squats, try some lunges. It's mostly your quads that are going to feel it if you are a beginner skiier.


Well, i'm not a beginner, but only goes once per year tops.
Thanks anyways, i'll keep doing squats. But would it be benificial doing many leg workouts per week, usually do about one.


Go drag a sled a LOT an ok weighted one not to damn heavy butr drag that sucker go for a 30-60 min walk draging it up down hills etc. Or even a tire. Also a weighted vest. Go hiking.

sure keep up the leg work outs but he's right 2 weeks out yoiur fried if not in somewhaT GOOD SHAPE.

Id also suggest you do the last HARD leg workout at least 5 days out and go skiing fresh. Bedtter to be fresh and have a great time skiing then be broke down and have a shit time.




I second that. I snowboard every Sunday, so I do my leg workouts every Wednesday. My legs recover pretty quick, so I always feel fresh.