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Goin' Kickin' and Screamin'


Breaking down and starting a new thread.
Yesterday's results
Damn, everybody's turning 50 and the throwers are coming out of the woodwork. I think half the population threw the damn discus in college and have decided to take it up again. This is actually a good thing as more participation means more meets.

Anyway, huge turnout of Master's thrower's. Had 2 have 3 flights in the shot and disc and 2 in the hammer. Made for a long but very enjoyable day. Turned into a tailgate party afterwards and I finally got home around 2300. Up at 0430 and into the water for a real long swim.

No Prs or great distances but wasn't ashamed
Shot put 1st
hammer 2nd
disc 3rd

This afternoon
28&56# for distance

Looks like highland training for a while. Highland meet in 2 weeks, no age categories, so need to be ready. Haven't got any other T&F meets lined up yet.


Your bringing it home big guy. Can't wait to see how you do at the games. Glad you made a new place to post


Ha - outstanding start to a new thread and great name to boot!



I like the thread name. It bespeaks claw marks.


Congrats big guy! Can't wait to see how ya do at the Highland games. Those look like a lot of fun. I too like the thread name... awesome.


Congrats on the meet!

I threw a discus in high school-- but, it was plastic. And we called it 'Frisbee'. :wink:


I threw shot too! 'Cept it was loaded in a Remington pump and there was hundreds of 'em, lol!


congrats on the comp. good news that there are lots of new folks to compete. makes it more funner!


Hel you are a HOSS, moveing big weights and throwing big heavy stuff.

You, HT, and Carl Darby- make realize what studs throwers are.



Would you trust this person on your property? An extremely un-studly picture sent to me by one of my customers.
Thanks to all. As all glory is fleeting it was back to training today. Haven't forgotten my goal to DL 540 at 54. Re-inspired by bunny's performance and HT's vids. The DL has a good carry over to highland throwing so gonna hit em hard. The 540 will be videoed.


4 x Max Bw

Behind he back bb shrugs
225,315,375x Max

90,100,110,120,130 x max

stone throws (approx. 22#) x 10
hammer throws 18# x 10
bastardized sheaf toss 20# x 10


That's the very image of your friendly neighborhood mailman! They ought to use that as a recruiting poster. Not at all like your other photos...

Nice pullin' too! 540 isn't that far off!


Not being rude, just took me awhile to find your new thread.....way to go at the Meet! It's nice to see you've set goals for yourself & are not afraid to work hard to attain them......the DL goal doesn't seem far off esp. in light of the recent 480x3. Hard to make predeictions, but in my experience, add 50 lbs to your triple and that is close to what you mighht be able to pull for a single.

Some people are better at reps and others are better singles pullers, depending on which you are, adjusts your max......but this is all speculation on my part. All bullshit aside, I think you already are close to pulling the 540 and a new goal will have to be contem[plated!


Hel, it is totally the hat that makes that ensemble!


Thanks Art, right now I'm shooting for the 540 and a "respectable" showing in the highland outing. Don't know if there'll be any other old farts but I got an e-mail from the guy running it that said, "Harry, at least one other old guy has entered, think he's almost 40." Ancient.
MJ, never, ever, mess with the pith helmet. That's my wicker (sun) one. Also have white and blue plastic ones for the rain. Best piece of gear ever invented. Good thing the picture isn't long enough to see the blue striped socks.


Pith helmet-
the secret to a huge PR...

I think you can do 540- and probably sooner then you think.



a nice hat where a person with a lisp might find relief..


Mess with the hat at your own peril



Incline db (hands suplinated)

hammer incline

Cable crossovers (floor up)

overhead cable tri ext (rope)


So does that mean at work you will never be seen pith-doffed?


Nice benchin' Hel!


Nice work Hel

I love when you guy rep for bench what I squat, for reps!!!!
Looking strong pith helmet or not.