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GoFins Modified V-Diet Log


Lost 8lbs first week of V-Diet Super Lite without any cravings or pain, after losing 10lbs previously on the Paleo diet (see below). Went from 221 lbs to 213 lbs during week one on this modified V-Diet.

I really wanted to do the V-Diet but I often have to attend business lunches or dinners so following a pure V-Diet plan and pulling out a shake wasn't an option for me at these meals. I read as many T-Nation articles as I could and started the following plan.

My Daily Plan

Metabolic Drive Complete (1 in a.m.)+ 5-7 frozen berries, 30-60 min before workout

A.M. weight workout 30 min

Low-Carb Metabolic Drive (3 throughout the day)

Lunch ~6-8oz of lean meat lots of veggies especially green ones if avaialbe sometimes a piece of fruit.

Lots of water throughout day

HOT-ROX (2pills 2xday)

Flameout (2pills 2xday) Much more convenient than 21 fish caps.

Dinner w Family- ~2-3 oz meat and about 1 cup of veggies mostly green, if I had a business dinner I would flip flop lunch/dinner portions. In general followed paleo recomendations for my veggie choices (i.e. no potatoes etc) and focused on green veggies also no beans or grains. Could of substituted a shake for dinner but nice to eat w/ family, also teaches you to eat very slow which is more filling.

Tabata Row In Evening-(5x week) I know aerobic activity is generally not recommended on any V-Diet but after reading T-Nations "Hierarchy of Fat Loss" article as well as info on Tabata I decided to add this 160 seconds of aerobic work. All out every round no pacing. Also did weigh ins every am, probably coincidence but the only days I didn't have significant weight loss was when I skipped the tabata the night before. (Yes i hydrated significantly b4 and after tabata)

Also I picked one day during the week when I have no business meals and I rely completely on the metabolic shakes.

One week doesn't mean much but I am happy with the 8 pounds in the first week and I feel stronger and the rowing machine shows that my tabata distances are improving as well.

So far this diet has been incredibly easy. Although I think I did have a huge advantage in going with the Paleo diet for 5 weeks before starting this modified V-Diet. If you already eat healthy probably no advantage to going with a paleo diet first, but I didn't eat healthy so the first 2.5 weeks of paleo was absolute hell for me. Although I was getting a ton of carbs through the fruits and veggies I was craving the unhealthy carbs like crazy and was just miserable mentally.

Basically I was addicted to the insulin rush the heavily refined grains and potatoes give you and it took 2.5 weeks to break it. I suspect the people who fail on the regular V-Diet have a similar issue except its even worse since they don't get to eat the fruits and veggies that you do on paleo. I would suspect people who already eat healthy have a much easier time starting the standard V-Diet as they are not addicted to the insulin spikes.

Anyway by the end of that first 2.5 weeks on paleo almost all veggies started tasting good to me. Lost 10lbs the first 2.5 weeks of paleo then nothing for 2.5 weeks then started my modified V-Diet.

Favorite treats besides any meat is sprinkling green beans, brussel sprouts, or asparagus with olive oil and a little sea salt and baking in oven until tops are brown/black. Nearest thing to candy you can get on this modified plan.

I will post my results for future weeks as they occur.


Update Today is morning of day 9 currently at 211, or minus 10lbs since start of modified velocity.

A buddy of mine had a question on what was my weight routine. A while back T-Nation had an article about maybe all you needed was one lift, sorry I can’t remember the name of it, I think the article suggested either squats, deadlifts or clean and jerks. I thought trying something like this may be worthwhile during my diet except I added pullups. Week one I just did pullup/chin up ladders (5x during week). My max strict pull up went from 4 at beginning of week to 10 at end of week.

For week two my plan was to do squats current one rep max 255lbs

For week three deadlifts current one rep max 365lbs.

For week four clean and jerk current one rep max 155lbs.

Although last night I had a freak fall that hurt my wrist, rather than going heavy on the squats this week I may try to go at 60-80% of my max and do squat ladders this week. The ladders really seem to help my pull up maybe they can help my weak squat numbers. Ofcourse the advantage of being relatively new to weightlifting is that everything seems to work in building strength.

As far as calories I haven’t been counting the calories I only do one scoop of the Metabolic Drive for each shake I drink, besides the 6-8 oz of meat at lunch I keep eating as many vegtables as I want until I feel satisfied/full and sometimes add an apple.

For dinner if I feel the need I will eat extra veggies as well but will stop before I feel full. The green ones definately satisfy you quicker.


Had a little less energy today for my workout I think it was the switch to Flameout on day 6 catching up to me previously I was doing 21 caps of fish oil. Using Flameout is an absolute no brainer but the only downside is that I lost a daily net of 150 cal and 15g of fat compared to the 21 fish caps, and I think that resulted in slightly lower amount of energy.

I will probably add an egg to the a.m. and some cheese or something else to dinner to make up the fat and calories lost in the switch.


Morning of day 10 210lbs, down 11 lbs.

Was able to do heavy squat work out yesterday and had my best Tabata row so far.

Treated myself at lunch to a double-double from In-Out yesteday (protein style & animal style). I usually go lean meat at lunch but other than that fits diet plan.

Had my first big cheat yesterday as well. Wife brought chocalate chip cookies and milk to bed for her to eat, I ate 2 cookies and washed down with a sip of milk. It was great but I have told her to never do that again.