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Gods Word & Aggression


Since the connection between religion and violence has been a recurrent theme lately, here is an abstract of a research report about the subject. The method is reminiscent of the famous study of aggression and obedience made in the 60s.



Not really enough info to judge here, but the results aren't terribly surprising, I suppose. Were any of the participants "tricked" into beheading their partners?




Of course not, they were using the Bible, not Koran, remember?


Excellent line karva.


Lixy.. the muslim crusader.. :slight_smile: Zealotry is always charming.




crusade (plural crusades)

  1. A grand concerted effort toward some purportedly worthy cause.

Trying to make fun of my language.. AGAIN lixy? :wink: How cute.. Even when you are wrong, it is cute.. :slight_smile: I don't expect much from muslim zealots you see..