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Goddamn it England

Football Association laws dictate that from this season, the results of matches between children aged seven and eight must not be published, league tables must not be kept and prizes must not be given out.

Some local associations have chosen to extend the regulations even further, it has emerged, banning league tables and trophies for 9, 10 and 11-year olds as well.

Scott Ager, who last season managed Priory Parkside under-9s ‘A’ team in Huntingdon, was sharply reprimanded after declaring that his team had won the league and having them photographed with a trophy by their local newspaper.

Mr Ager said: "I find it bizarre. It seems to me to work against talented players, as the teams who may lose heavily are likely to be ones with players who just play for a bit of fun. It is very frustrating. Kids put all this effort in but there is no reward.

“All the other managers in the league acknowledged that we had been the best team as we had won the most games. Football is our national sport, yet there are some strange rules around it.”

A spokesman for Hunts FA said: “We were very angry. We do not allow competitive leagues until after under-11s. Mr Ager was chastened very severely and eventually left his club.”

The FA handbook states: “Under-7s and Under-8s are not permitted to play in leagues where results are collected or published or winner trophies are presented.”

Fucking a. Lets stop giving them grades to why don’t we. No more punishing bad behavior either, that might give them the idea that they aren’t better than dumb shit! We wouldn’t want that!



That just ain’t cricket.

Well, football.

You know what I mean.

Maybe this is a direct result of misbehaving parents. Since parents have a hard time being mature at games. The league removes the need to win. For the younger players the sport should only be about fun. You know that thing young children do.