God is a Beast Template Assistance Work

I made a small mistake for the single leg/core assistance work for my God is a Beast routine. On my squat day, I included Goodmornings 5x10 and Split Squats 3x10. I start my second leader wave next week so this is a good time to rectify this. To follow the 25-50 reps recommendation, I need to drop one. I am not sure which to drop. I do Back Extensions on my Deadlift day, which would be a reason to drop the Goodmornings and if I drop the Split Squats then I’m not doing any assistance for my quads. I like Goodmornings because they work so many muscles and after not squatting for awhile since I was sick off and on for a month, working my lower back twice a week is a good call especially since I wear a belt. On the otherhand, I can tell my legs aren’t equally strong toward lockout.

I know assistance exercises are assistance and I am not ignoring the fact that just doing squats and deadlifts strengthen your quads, but this part of the routine doesn’t seem very balanced if I am not doing anything for my quads. I like Goodmornings a LOT more than Split Squats (one of my least favorite exercises), but I prefer to choose accessories, which will help me rather than just what I like more.

Should I drop the Goodmornings, drop the Split Squats, or another option? Thank you.

Good mornings are supplemental rather than assistance. Drop them.

Thank you. That is a good point and I don’t mind doing that, but in 5/3/1 Forever, Wendler listed Goodmornings under an option for single leg/core assistance. I should still drop the Goodmornings?

Do what you need to do to accomplish your goals.

I agree with you. I need to drop one of them and the Goodmornings seem like a good call. I was wondering why my squat workouts seemed longer than they should. I can’t believe I missed that mistake for so long.

Do good mornings on the day you squat and leg press/split squats on the day you deadlift and keep at it for 6-12 weeks.

I like that idea, but I do back extensions on my deadlift day, which counts for my 25-50 single leg/core work. Should I drop the back extensions 5x10 and replace them with the goodmornings 5x10?

Well, thats my suggestion - If you really like good mornings that much, then back raises shouldn’t take it’s place.


I’d stick with split squats, unilateral work is often neglected for bigger movements, but like pwnisher said it’s gotta work towards your goal

Then replace the leg presses with split squats if that is your experience.

Leg Presses? I’m not doing leg presses.

The message was to the guy above me (kleinhound).

Oh I wasn’t trying to suggest that to you sorry man, I was just giving my two cents to the OP. Sorry about the confusion.

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