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God is a Beast Program Question

Feel free to lock delete/this if it is inappropriate/against any rules. I bought Forever, but forgot it at work over this long weekend so don’t have access to the different progressions for the God is a Beast program for my squat day tomorrow. All I am looking for is the “Strength 2” progression (this is the 3rd week I am doing the program). If anyone could PM me just that it would be awesome haha. Yes, I am an idiot.

So this isn’t a complete waste of a post I want to recommend the God is a Beast program. One of my favorite of any of the templates so far (in any of the books). The volume for the main lifts is what I think to be ideal for the way I like to train and the assistance recommendations are absolutely perfect for me as well. I am looking for both size and strength and it seems like this program will fit the ticket nicely. If anyone is looking for a new template to try please try this one.

Strength Two:

I guess it isn’t gonna hurt anybody that i post this part of the programming, as there is MUCH more to it.

Glad to hear this! I’ll be starting God is a beast after my 1000% Awsome Anchor programming. I’m super excited to see my progression this this.

From an advertising standpoint, I think it’s good to “leak” things and get people interested in it.

Thanks a lot man. Yea there is MUCH MUCH more to it haha.

You are gonna love God is a Beast. It is “fun” relative to something like BBB (which I also liked a lot do not get me wrong).

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Thanks for the feedback on the program, it’s on my list. I’d like to do Leviathan - Pervertor - God is a Beast in this order