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God is a Beast / Power, Muscle, and Veggies

Thinking about the stage again. Video training log of 531 God is a Beast main lifts only for now. Im interested with how this program goes looks fun as heck especially with 5’s pro for now.

Ive switched stances and grips with the big 3 so numbers arent as high but progression is all im after.

Current high bar squat 405lbs
Current close grip bench 315lbs
Current conventional deadlift 525lbs

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Good numbers. In for your log

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I ran God is a Beast a few months back. I enjoyed the results. Hopefully it works well for you.

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*hack squat
*incline fly
*incline military
*seated calf raise

After 3 weeks off from the gym feeling like a newbie this week sore as heck