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God is a Beast (Possible 4 day?)

I have noticed that several of Jim’s programs have the option to be 3 or 4 day/week programs. I have generally had more success (for my own personal goals w/ strength, size, and conditioning) with doing them as 3-day/week programs. Has anyone done God is a beast as a 3-day/week program or is this specifically a 4-day/week program?

It doesn’t have to be a “per week” program. You could just cycle the main lifts M/W/F/M respectively.

You should probably do the program “as is”.

Occasionally, I know what I’m talking about.


Jim, nobody doubts that you know what you are talking about, otherwise, so many people wouldn’t be following your programs. The way it’s laid out in Forever book, God is a Beast is 4 day/week template. However, some of the other templates (SVR II, PERVERTOR), are laid out as 4 day/week but stated that it can be done 3 or 4 day/week. Since God is a Beast doesn’t explicitly state 4 days/week we wonder if it could be run 3 days/week. Thank you. Much respect.

There’s two questions here:

Can you do it? Yes, you are free to train however you wish

Does Jim recommend it? See his above answer

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What marc4497 said. I’ve run a number of Jim’s 4 day templates this way. Don’t be worried about doing one main lift every nine days. You’ll be sweet as long as you eat to support your training and get good sleep.

I’ve been training 3 days/week for the past 15 years, and last 4yrs with 5/3/1 variations with good results, so I’m not worried about doing one main lift every nine days. I always do an opposite lift as part of assistance anyway, with any template. So on Squat day I do SLDL BBB and on DL day I do Squat/SSB squat BBB, this way I hit main movement every 3-4 days, one heavy, one light…(BBB is always @ 60%)

So with God is a Beast I will do:

Mon: Squat - Strength 1 + SLDL BBB
Wed: Bench - 5’s PRO, BBS + Press BBB
Fri: Deadlift - Strength 1 + SSB Squat BBB
Mon: Press - 5’s PRO, BBS + Bench BBB
and etc.

With correct 85% of TM it’s very doable. It will run for much longer though.

Solid plan, just wouldn’t call it God is a Beast.