God Damn These Knees

Hey, guys! I have had pain in my left knee for like 3 months now. I was squating a lot and I thought my form was perfect at the time because I got stronger and didn’t feel any pain but that changed. My knee ached a bit and i didn’t even pay attention to it until it got really bad - to the point where i couldn’t squat. As i said this was like 3 months ago.

The pain is in my patellar tendon, first only in the left knee but now its in both. I did some research and found out that this is supposed to be tendonitis. I haven’t went to a doctor because in the country i live in physical therapists are retarded or they are good and expensive (i am 18 and in the 12th grade - no job and money). So I have tried to fix it by myself watching different videos on youtube and reading in a couple of forums. I tried foam rolling and it fixes the pain for the next 10 minutes or so. I rolled my quads, my gluteus medius and hamstrings. The other thing i tried was icing and massaging the tendon that did the job for like 30 minutes or less.

I took time off squating for a month and the pain decreased so i started doing some leg extensions and some light leg presses for high reps with close to no weight (extensions with 5 kg and leg press with 70) it felt a bit better so then i tried squatting again - did a couple of sets with the bar and then with 40 kg. I felt ok so next week i did 3x3 with 100 kg. The next week i barely felt anything till today - i couldn’t even squat without any weight painless.

Oh and before i hurt my knees i fcked up my back and left hip because i got over excited and didnt brace properly and something popped (i went to physical therapy for the back and hip but i still lack mobility in my hips)

Because i havent squatted my deadlift feels terrible and today I noticed a huge but wink that wasn’t there before - i am losing all kinds of mobility.

I think that is a lot of information, so guys if you can suggest anything i would be greatful.

Hey Rakshy

This is my half educated opinion.

You need to foam roll your IT band, strengthen your hips, hamstrings and core.

Try box squats as well.

A couple things “may” be happening. IF you have tendonitis then this means you have an over used movement pattern and bad form; and your body is now “cranky” about it. If you strengthen the muscles that help out the quads this could help release pressure from your knee.

Video your squats and dead so other ppl with experience can critique your form and give more advice.