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God Damn Lumbar!

Hey guys, very quick question.

I had a herniated disc about 6 years ago in high school, not sure if this is related, but the disc was about mid spine, not around my lumbar region/very top, back of my hips.

I can do 315 around 8 times raw without MUCH pain. Then i went to 335 for 5(i’ve maxed at 415 before) so percentage wise 335 isn’t much. Well, i fucked my back up again, then greatly aggravated it after resting 6 days and doing back squat. I try and keep my core tight the entire time, back arched.

I never do direct abs though, so it got me thinking…i know abdominals and your back work in sync to support your spine, esp lumbar area. The only other ab work other than compound lifts are planks only once every 2 weeks or so.

My question is: Is it possible that my lower back pain is coming from having to overcompensate for my abs that may not be of equal strength? If any of you have another hypothesis please let me know. Thanks for your help!

yes , it is very possible. strengthen your abs and lower back by hitting them directly

I’ve read that in order to get better at benching, you bench. In order to get better at the lockout, you only perform the lockout movement. So in terms of squatting and deadlifting, both which are the only damn things that hurt my fucking lower back, what specific abdominal and lower back exercises should I do?

barbell/ab wheel rollouts from knees progressing to incline from toes to flat rollouts from your toes. That will build some serious anterior chain/core strength.

if you dont have a wheel go buy one they are no more than $10-$20

i thought this site laid it out very clearly, as well as progresion tips.


We are pretty similar in terms of squat numbers.

I was training abs pretty hard doing weighted situps on a roman chair and my squat was going up. My schedule changed and I couldn’t hit that gym as much and my squat stalled out and my back started feeling a bit off.

I’ve tried standing abs, but I never get much out of them. With the weighted situps I was sore for like 3 days afterwards, which isn’t the best marker of effectiveness, but the feel when performing the movements tells me that the weighted situps were working better for me.

I’m still trying to figure out the standing pulldowns and I like hanging leg raises/knees to elbows too.

I’d try and post a vid of your squat too for a form check if it is leading to injury.