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God bless Venezuala

God bless the Venezuelans!! I am sure I am one of the few people that have been following the goings on in Venezuela, so if you haven’t then you should. Then you’ll see what a government by the people and for the people really means. The basic gist of the situation is that the President Hugo Chavez is a communist bastard with strong ties to Castro. His goal was to make Venezuela like the happy people of Cuba.

The Venezualans have revolted. If your wondering why gas suddenly got expensive that would be due to the fact that the Oil Workers are on strike until Chavez resigns. Their supreme court ordered them to go back to work, they told the Supreme Court to go to hell. They are refusing to pay their taxes so the government threatened them with 7 years in prison. The people?s response? They marched on the tax offices and tore up the tax forms. Now the banks are going on strike to help cripple the countries finances in protest of Chavez. With almost daily protests to get the guy out, he better resign or they are going to kill him. The people have spoken, loudly. I can't wait to see how this turns out; they'll get him out. Alive or Dead? I don?t think anybody really cares. Damn, I wish we had balls like that here! That is what I call a T-nation. Get out, or we?ll get you out! I love it.

True government by the people and for the people. I can’t imagine it working in the United States but it has been interesting to watch and learn.

Sounds like something we need to do up here in Canada. Anybody on this forum who lives West of Toronto knows what I’m talking about.

…or mob rule.

You wish we had the balls to do that here? Why would we want to do that here? You, Pat, have a quality of life far exceeding those in Venezuela, and that’s a direct benefit of living in this country. That wouldn’t happen here because most people in the U.S. are fairly happy with their life and their daily existence, and we’re not under communist rule, nor are we threatened to be by any candidate I know. I’ve got it, move to Venezuela and YOU can become part of that big bad T-nation. Puh-leeze!

Chavez really is fucking Venezuela with his ideology and policies based on class warfare. What Chavez has done is to polarize the population. The poor love him while the rich and middle class hate him. All in all a recipe for a bloodbath. All politics aside Chavez is a fascinating character in terms of his body language and speech. If you ever get a chance to watch him on a personal level without stage management it is amazing. He could convince you of anything.

Most, not all, of the time, these kinds of revolts result in the removal of one despot only to replace with another. While it is good to see one “commie bastard” go down, I could keep my optimism and praise on hold to see how the whole thing shakes out. Democracy (ie Mob Rule) is just as bad as any other form of totalitarianism.

I love it, too. Best of wishes to them!

From what I heard on the news. A former military officer working under Chavez has been looking for asylum in the USA. He has been saying that Chavez hates the USA and has given 1 million dollars to Bin ladens group. I guess another target for Bush now.