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Goblinns Log

im staring a log. I really hope i can be faithful to it. ive never wrote down what ive been doing but a friend of mine has inspired me

Today was bench day. I did a ME bench a couple days ago and wanted to really hit some rep work which i havent done in a while

bench press
315x10 PR
strained my left pec a little

bb rows
335x6 PR

pull up
3x20 PR

push press
315 PR

triceps extensions with green band pull apart
12 pulls with 12 ext using 80 on the machine for 4

alot of sets of biceps i didnt count. I think i was having an imbalance that has been causing my diffrent pec strains ive been having. i havent been working biceps sinve i started powerlifting

overall very good training

body weight is about 225 give or take. BF is about 14-15%

Today Im working the dead. I hope it goes well. Im babying an injured hip flexor so my squats have been next to nil. just ext and partial leg press. i think ill do some gpp work after. gotta get ready for that PFT!

dead day
135 x million
525x2 PR

lots of deads today.

i did other smaller things but the dead was my focus. I tried to do leg press but my hip was bothering. I did light biceps to hit that biceps tendon with some blood too. not too bad, the 525 for 2 was a pr

upright rowing
leg curls
stiff leg dumbell 5x5 with 120’s

I was suppose to run but i think ill take 2 marow off from lifting and do it then. sprints, runnung and GPP

hard to do abs with my hip. i try and keep them tight when i do my big lifts and it works em.
hip is affecting my sex… damn


Today is GPP work. some sprints and sleds in the AM and then some club bell and grip work tonite. fun fun fun

I did my GPP. It lasted alot longer than I thought. I did a light jog with a 40 lb vest (10-15 min?)then I did several variations of tire dragging. forward, backward, sprinting, lunging pulling and dragging.

I think I worked out too long though. Im very tired. I couldnt really hit abs but my quads got a good work out. Im going to have to start doing these more to hit hit quads while IM unable to squat.

this morning I did bench work but i felt the strain in my pec pretty good. I got up to triples with 315 but stopped early and went to a smith machine to see if it got better. It didnt. then I went to a seated cable fly and tried to just some blood into the area and help it heal faster

ME Bench
warm ups
3x3 225
5x3 315

smith machine
4x3 with 3 plates

seated cable rows. 4x 20 with 80 lbs
underhand hammer strength rows
3x10 3 plates
3x10 4 plates

rear delt raises along with lateral raises
4 sets of super sets 80 and 30

triceps push downs, my variation on machine

later after work i did 5 sets of sprints, over a hundred yards with 60lbs sled…Im tired but i dont feel over trained. Ive been eating alot and drinking alot of water so i feel good

Today was an enigma. I felt like i needed a break and just trained.
Rows and upright rows x million till i was sweating and warm enough to work hard

rows20, 20, 10, 10, 8, 5, 5, 20
upright 135 x5 x10

good mornings
3x3 135
2x3 225
2x3 315

bar shrugs up to 5 plates today
db rows 150 4x8
pull ups 5x10
and bicep work but thats not really important

i was suppose to train more but i had to go in. then i couldnt run. stuff came up at work

How’s the hip coming along?

today was a quasi speed bench day. my pec was still a little tender so i just strectched it and work on my other pressing stuff

laterals to warm

light bench but really just stretching with the bar and a some weight

z press 4x3 135
3x3 225

smith machine press. 6x6 with 3 plates
lateral raises with rear delt
4 sets of 10 reps each 40 lbs and 20 lbs

triceps push downs

bodyweight dips with bodyweight ext
5x20 each

hang cleans
3x5 135
3x5 225

i did the cleans to make the end hard and to work on some of my oly lifts ive been neglecting.
im glad i got to do dips. i hadnt done them since i hurt my pec in jan. now my other one is stiff!!! matt, whats going on?!?!

im taking tommorow off. im feeling really tired and i think i need some time to recover. i think i need a good shot of vitamins… muahahaha!!! :0)

[quote]popgoblinn wrote:
today was a quasi speed bench day. my pec was still a little tender so i just strectched it and work on my other pressing stuff

i did the cleans to make the end hard and to work on some of my oly lifts ive been neglecting. im glad i got to do dips. i hadnt done them since i hurt my pec in jan. now my other one is stiff!!! matt, whats going on?!?![/quote]

Nice work son. Getting shit done as usual. I kind of stressed my pec doing rack pulls the other night, lol. Not too serious but weird for sure.

You in Yuma yet? How you liking those Z presses? I like the fuck outta them. We got 2 new highschool kids in tonight. One of them is 17 and he is 5, 7 and 250 pounds. He’s a Little tank man. He benches over 400 raw and says he squats around 550.

What the hell are these kids eating these days? Don’t think its Vitamin T or anything at his age. Anyways… I fucking love the Tren. Violence bro, violence. James is preaching to me about over training but I feel like a million bucks especially with that gallon of milk per day.

Anyways… Keep in touch with me daily bro. I’ll be hoping you come back when you 're done with Japan. I wanna see a 630 dead, 600 squat and a 430 bench by the time you get back.


today is my day off. im eating and trying to rest. i think im in need for a deload because my bodyweight has stopped increasing and im at a snails pace. when I hit it im good. I dont know. I think instead ill just take 3 days off and not do anything but sleep eat and stretch.

training is going good. Ill be back in the last week of june, maybe the first week of july. Im not too sure just yet. that gives me 2 solid months of training.

crazy mutants!!! Im jealous. anyways, stay strong bro.

maybe i should just eat more

I think you got GPP crazy there for a little while. Back off all the sled and sprinting work and you will probably continue to put on some more muscle.

Or you could just up the dose. J/K


today was ME bench. I think that day off and the extra food was really good

i did some light weight bar work but i wasnt feeling it…

smith machine incline press (dont judge me!)
2x10 2 plates
2x5 4 plates
4x1 5 plates and a 25

seated cable flyes
it was a little painful but i think the blood pump is good for healing

3x10 135
3x5 225
2x5 350

lateral raises and rear delt raises
5x10 with 50lbs and 30 lbs

preacher curl
3x10 90 lb
3x6 120

hammer curls
5x5 55’s

3x10/20 pull ups and dips

I finished this whole workout in 40 min. I was moving fast and felt strong. I’m already sore so i think the workout was a good shock


my ME squat day has been me doing max effort deadlifting or various goodmornings here was today

rack pulls
135 x million
2x1 550

pull ups

db rows
3x12 130 lbs
pullovers and abs

upright rows
1x20 70lbs
2x6 135
2x6 225

2x20 315
1x20 405

my deads are feeling realy good lately. i dont know if its cuz im just focusing on them or what